Stunning model shows off thong with hidden message that leaves fans feeling 'proud

Stunning model shows off  thong with hidden message that leaves fans feeling 'proud
Published 1 years ago on Mar 14, 2023

The visible thong trend  is back from the 90s.

And in 2023, ladies are putting their own spin on the craze by incorporating booty chains.

One of these fashionistas is Jess King, who rocked the look at Melbourne Fashion Festival over the weekend.

The curvy model wore a little black dress with a plunging back, which flaunted her undies as she posed by a fountain at the Royal Exhibition Building.

She paired the Erik Yvon frock with a custom-made thong from KISSKILL and chain that spelled out the words "size fourteen".


Jess took to Instagram to explain the meaning behind the bold outfit choice.

The Australian influencer wrote: "At the height of my disordered eating I would religiously rip all the size tags off every item of clothing I wore.

"I carried so much shame and placed so much importance on a singular number that not much else mattered.

"If that number wasn’t good enough in my mind (which it rarely was) I didn’t feel good enough.

"Today is about celebrating how far I’ve come in owning this body – whatever size and shape it comes in. And putting it in F***ING GOLD DIAMANTÉS."


Fans couldn't get enough of Jess' jaw-dropping look.

One commenter wrote: "This is the STATEMENT WE NEEDED AND WANTED."

Another said: "You inspire me Jess! What a kickass way to embrace your life."

A third remarked: "Beautiful message. So so proud of you."

And a fourth added: "You are so inspiring and beautiful – inside and out. Thank you for helping me love my own body."


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