Suri Cruise, 18, kisses boyfriend Toby Cohen in NYC

Suri Cruise, 18, kisses boyfriend Toby Cohen in NYC
Published 4 weeks ago on Jun 22, 2024

Suri Cruise was not shy about showing her love for her boyfriend on Wednesday when the two were seen in Central Park in New York City. 

The 18-year-old daughter of actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was spotted putting her arms around and kissing her love, Toby Cohen. 

Cohen looked just as smitten as he reciprocated and was also seen holding her hand as they looked to be in love. He had a gold band on his wedding finger, which could be 'promise ring'; that may mean they are dating each other exclusively. 
The handsome teen was Suri's date at her LaGuardia High School prom that took place earlier this week at the Ascent Lounge in midtown Manhattan. 

Cohen is a budding singer and songwriter who is set to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston in the Fall. Suri - who has been studying dance - will head off to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. 
The two seemed to be incredibly close as they kept talking to each other and looking in each other eyes suggesting the relationship is not new. 

While in the park Suri had on a pale blue T-shirt with the name of an institute on the front with pale pink shorts and black sneakers. 

The teen wore her brunette hair down and seemingly had on no makeup. Her nails were still red from her prom date and she had an X marked on her hand as did he, which is likely from their prom night. 

Suri also debuted a silver ear cuff as she held on to her cell phone.  

Her beau wore a black Guns 'N Roses tank top that flashed his arms as he added pale gray drawstring sweatpants and gray sneakers. He also wore a necklace and bracelet. 
The two took turns carrying her ivory book bag with a black trim.  

Suri and Toby looked cute at the prom together as they held hands and posed for photos side by side. 
Cohen also took the time to take pictures of Suri and her female friends who were all dressed to the nines. 

He seemed protective of the budding performer as he took her arm while guiding her into the building where the prom took place. 

Suri wore a corset top print dress that fell below her knee adding gold strappy heels. Toby had on a blue suit with brown dress shoes.  

There was no sign of Katie outside the prom and Tom, who has been estranged from Suri for years, was busy in England with friends as he was seen flying his helicopter into a London Heliport. 
This is the first time Suri has been seen with a boyfriend. 

The teen is usually spotted with her mother Katie in New York City as they shop and dine together. 

Holmes does not often take Suri with her to red carpet events as she has chosen a more private life for the child,  

Suri - who was born on April 18, 2006 in Los Angeles - is the child of divorced parents. 

Holmes wed in Italy in November 2006 but after five years of marriage, they split in 2012.  

'My main goal is to just let her know how much I love her,' the Dawson's Creek actress told People in 2014. 'Just to let her know that she is so loved. When that's the through line, who cares that my first two pancakes are always burned? 

'Motherhood means everything to me. I'm learning every day, and I have been since the minute I became a mom.' 

She added she is setting a positive example for her mini-me kid. 

'Between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way. I try to have good manners too, so that's what she sees,' said Holmes, who used to date Jamie Foxx. 

'I also try to be very creative with her, because I know she's an artist, and that speaks to the girl in me,' Holmes said. 

'To be honest? I'm not going to play tag, probably. That's not top of my list. But I'll paint all day, I'll do the creative stuff.' 

And Katie has also said to Glamour magazine: ​​'I didn't know how much love I had in me. It's overwhelming. Every day I discover more about this spectacular human being I get to be the mother of.' 

During an August 2014 appearance on the Today show, Holmes shared: 'The most important thing for me is letting her know how proud I am and that her accomplishments mean everything. Whatever I do is whatever. It's really just about her and that's what I think is most important.' 
Meanwhile, Katie will soon be an empty nester. 

Cruise has also hinted where she will attend college as she wore a Carnegie Mellon University sweatshirt in early June. 

DailyMail.com exclusively revealed she has been accepted into Pittsburgh's prestigious Carnegie Mellon University - which is about a two-hour flight, or a nine-hour drive from Berklee, where Toby will be studying.  

Suri revealed her Tartan pride in a playful TikTok where she and her friends each wore their chosen college's sweatshirt and revealed the name to the camera. 

Suri, whose famous father has had no part in her upbringing, has always been determined to forge her own way. 

She applied to a host of colleges with the artistic teen 'leaning towards' studying fashion. 

Carnegie Mellon's School of Design is one of the oldest and most highly ranked programs in the country. 

Now, with her acceptance into its hallowed halls, a notably chic mother and a wardrobe said to be worth $5million, Suri is off to the best possible start if that is her chosen path. 
One insider told DailyMail.com: 'She is a smart girl, and she is turning into a very intelligent mature young woman. She has a very close group of loyal friends, and she knows exactly where she comes from.' 

But though Holmes will surely be proud of her daughter's stellar achievement sources say she is 'overwhelmed' at the thought of sending her little girl off to college. 

Speaking recently, one told DailyMail.com: 'Katie takes great pride in her but is also extremely overprotective.' 

Perhaps it's little wonder given that, for the past 11 years, Holmes has effectively raised Suri solo.  
Sixty-one-year-old Cruise's only input to his daughter's life has been financial and he hasn't been seen with his daughter since 2013, after Holmes quit both the marriage and the Church of Scientology – the religion to which Cruise is so devoted. 

According to their divorce settlement, Cruise agreed to pay Holmes $400,000 a year until Suri turned 18 and will continue to pay for her college fees as well.  

Under the terms of their agreement, though he may be physically absent from his daughter's life, he has and will continue to cover, 'medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other extracurricular costs.' 

But despite having little if any relationship with her dad, Suri is, according to sources, a happy and well-adjusted teen who has loved growing up in New York City. 

Earlier this week she was seen out running in the city's Central Park as she enjoyed an early morning workout in the June sunshine. 
Later she switched workout gear for a simple white summer dress paired with brown boots as she headed out to dinner in Soho with her mother and grandmother, Kathleen Stomer-Holmes. 

The actress, who has created her own capsule collection with French brand A.P.C., wants to become the next celebrity to launch her own beauty line, according to the Sunday Times.  

'Absolutely, I would love to,' she told the outlet when asked if cosmetics were part of her future plans.  

Over the past few years, Holmes has focused on moviemaking and getting more stage experience.  

She wrote the script for, starred in and directed the 2022 romantic drama Alone Together, about a couple in a bad relationship who end up at the same upstate New York vacation rental. 

That project was followed by 2023's Rare Objects. 

Holmes co-wrote the script, directed and starred in the story of a young woman recovering from trauma who regains her confidence after finding a job in an antique shop.  

'I’d like to continue to write and direct my own films,' she told the outlet,' adding, 'Maybe write a few books - fiction.' 

The actress also returned to the stage in 2023, starring in The Wanderers.


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