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Tamina Speaks About WWE’s Changes In Women’s Wrestling, John Cena – The Rock, Praises Chyna

Tamina Speaks  About WWE’s Changes In Women’s Wrestling, John Cena – The Rock, Praises Chyna
Published 1 years ago on Mar 04, 2023

Tamina makes her WWE Debut

On an episode of Monday Night Raw back in May of 2010, Tamina made her WWE debut alongside The Usos. Tamina, alongside Jimmy and Jey, took out The Hart Dynasty and made their presence felt on their first night.

“I remember going through gorilla, and being told we were going to debut that night. We all just thought to ourselves that our moment was finally here. This has been a long journey for all of us, and now we were here and out to walk out the curtain on national television.”

“We laugh about it now with Natty, TJ, and Harry, because it’s funny. But, I remember just thinking now we hate everyone and we’re about to come out and show the entire world what we are about.”

“When we walked through that curtain and ran down to the ring, that was easily the best debut for me. It was the best way I could have ever debuted. I loved it, and even today I can still feel that same push and adrenaline that I felt on the first night. We wanted to go show what we were about. I can replay that back over and over again. I was amazing and with the greatest people ever.”

Winning the Women’s Tag Team Championships with Natalya

From opponents to partners, Tamina and Natalya got to accomplish a lot together. In May of 2021, Natalya and Tamina won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. They would go on to hold them until September of 2021 when they would dropp those championships to Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H.

“She’s the first one I got to slap in my debut on television. Years later, I get a tag title with Natalya. This is why the journey began with her. I was able to get that title with her and that was such an epic moment for me.”

“We got to wrestle both nights at WrestleMania, and that’s something that was way different and that you didn’t see a lot. It’s been a long journey, but I love that girl.”

With WrestleMania 39 right around the corner, Tamina was asked about goals she may have for herself ahead of the biggest time of the year in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

“I always feel like everyone is always reaching for goals. You’re always figuring out new things and the next step, and the next person you want to go after. It’s always there. You never stop thinking or making those goals. If it’s not at Mania, it could be after Mania. You never know.”

Tamina on WWE Rivals: John Cena vs. The Rock

On Sunday night, March 5, WWE on A&E will continue with WWE Biography covering Chyna, followed by a special episode of WWE Rivals which takes a look at the incredible, and generational rivalry between John Cena and The Rock.

“I’m grateful to have been able to see that stuff live,” Tamina said when asked about witnessing this generational rivalry live. “I, too, am a huge fan. Before Cena and Rock go out to do whatever it is they’re about to do, I got to hear their entrance music from the back. You can’t help but feel electrified listening to that.”

“The Rock’s music hits, he goes out, and the crowd loses their mind. Now does that happen every night or every show? Not always. However, when it did, you already knew the magic that was about to happen. When those two entered the arena, you knew the roof was going to be blown off.”

“When you look at the promos, that’s the whole other part of the equation. That’s charisma, on top of charisma. They’re coming from a place that’s real. They’re battling and that’s what you would see in the ring when they finally wrestled.”

“That’s what made it such a great rivalry. You’re going against each other, battling from a place of passion, that is special. It’s telling that magical story. Looking at it from a fan’s point of view, and being a superstar who lived through it, I learned so much.”

“A lot of people can talk, but John Cena and The Rock did it. I have so much respect for them both. Cena was a locker room mentor to me and countless others. Dwayne was there and a mentor in a different way, but he wasn’t there all the time like Cena was. I give props to these men who went out there and paved the way for all of us.”

The John Cena and Rock rivalry was one of the most important rivalries in the WWE. It featured the biggest stars of the “Ruthless Aggression” era, taking on the biggest star of the “Attitude” era. It didn’t get much bigger than a rivalry of this magnitude.

“A lot of the fans’ questions were about Rock going to Hollywood and forgetting about everyone. That’s what Cena would say with his promos, that he was still here. That’s what was so great. Rock coming back and saying he loves wrestling and loves the fan more than Cena… That’s what it was.”

“It was about who loved the fans more. It was up to the fans to figure out who they loved more between the two men. That’s what made it so great. This is what the fans wanted to tune in to see. You drew everyone in, and that is exactly what Rock and Cena did.”

Tamina on WWE Biography: Chyna

On Sunday, March 5, WWE on A&E will feature a WWE Biography episode on the ninth wonder of the world, Chyna. Chyna was a trailblazer for not only women’s wrestling, but wrestling as a whole. Chyna single-handedly changed a lot for herself, and future women’s stars.

“She was different. She paved the way for women. She didn’t give a damn in the ring and knew she could go toe-to-toe with anyone. You have to have that kind of confidence in yourself to be successful, and that was her to a tee.”

“She was Chyna. She knew she could go out there and wrestle with men because that’s how strong she was. This is exactly my attitude today. She was awesome. A lot of times I look back and see that this can be a long, and lonely, road. Chyna did this at a time when it could have been hard.”

“I give her a ton of respect. I loved her body, her muscles, and I loved everything about her. She was a huge part of wrestling and anyone who doesn’t see that can come and talk to me. We need to give props to a lot of women who came before us.”

“It is okay to be strong. Maybe if you would have asked me this question six or seven years ago, I would have given a different answer, but because I’ve been here for as long as I have, sometimes you get told you have to act a certain way.”

“Having people like Chyna to show you an example, without even having to say a word, she just would go out there and do it. She didn’t have to say anything. Her action did all the work. She had it, and she got it. All I ever hear is about how sweet of a person she was. Keep loving what you do, and being who you are.”

“I’ve met a lot of women who came before us, and I’ve seen a lot of women come and go. I’ve had relationships with a lot of them and learned from different ones. I  wish I could have learned more from Chyna for sure. She would have had a lot to teach us.”

Tamina on Women’s Wrestling in WWE

“For me, I came in at a time where it was the divas era. From the beginning, working with all these different girls, I’m grateful. However, I would look around and think that’s not me. These women were model types of women, and I’m Tamina. I’m a tomboy, and I’m a wrestler.”

“Coming in at a time like this, I had to find my place, and find what fits me during that era. Fast forward to today, I want so much for these girls. I came in at a time with Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Becky Lynch, and that was just an insane era.”

“We broke so many barriers. Fast forward to the newer generation, you continuously want an even better change for the women who are coming into this business. With my niece, Ava Raine, now being a part of this company, I want something great for her and all of them.”

“I have two daughters. They could very well go to college, come back and tell me they want to get into wrestling. You want a good change for everyone and want something great. Right now, I do feel like that’s where we’re at. We evolved and got better. You want good things for these women. You want to have change. You want to evolve. You want to break even more barriers.”


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