Tennis star wears £235 wedding dress replica at Wimbledon

Tennis star wears £235 wedding dress replica at Wimbledon
Published 2 weeks ago on Jul 04, 2024

From Wedding Aisle to Wimbledon Court: Marta Kostyuk Serves Up Unique Wimbledon Look.

Ukrainian tennis star Marta Kostyuk (ranked 19th in the world) is turning heads at Wimbledon this year, not just for her impressive skills on the court, but also for her unconventional choice of on-court attire.

A Winning First Round and a Familiar Dress

Kostyuk dominated her first-round opponent Rebecca Sramakova of Slovakia in straight sets on Wednesday. However, it was her tennis dress that truly stole the show. The simple white design, featuring a plunging neckline, a flared skirt, and a daring back cutout, was instantly recognizable to those familiar with Kostyuk's recent life events.

The Dress with Two Lives: From Wedding Gown to Wimbledon Staple

This wasn't just any tennis dress; it was a replica of the very gown Kostyuk wore on her wedding day! Having signed with Wilson as their first head-to-toe brand ambassador in January 2023, Kostyuk collaborated with the label to design a unique bridal look. The original wedding dress featured an embroidered sheer overlay on top of the core design that now graces the Wimbledon court.

Comfort and Functionality: The Inspiration Behind the Design

Kostyuk, now 22 years old, revealed to Vogue that she initially felt lost when it came to choosing a wedding dress style.

"I think a lot of girls know exactly how they want their wedding dress to look, but I had no idea what I wanted, or what I liked," she confessed. "I wanted something very simple but at the same time something that you will remember."

Comfort and functionality were key for Kostyuk. "I just knew that I didn’t want the kind of wedding dress that weighs 200 kilos, or anything that’s either so complicated or so fragile that you can’t move and you can’t enjoy being around people."

The result? A dress that transcended the boundaries of a traditional wedding gown and became a symbol of both style and practicality. Kostyuk went on to say, "The idea and the story behind this dress is, I think, by far one of the best in tennis. I don't know if ever but for sure, right now."

From Childhood Friends to Husband and Wife

Kostyuk married her husband George Kyzymenko in Cyprus last November, after their friendship blossomed into love.

A Win-Win for Fans and Players

Now, thanks to Wilson, fans and aspiring players can own a piece of Kostyuk's special day. The "Marta" dress, named after the tennis star herself, is available for purchase. The core design retails for £155, while the version with the sheer overlay (similar to the original wedding dress) comes in at £235.

"The kit is the same as the wedding dress," Kostyuk explained through Wilson. "It is about being light, comfortable, feminine, beautiful. Everything that was in my wedding dress is the same in the tennis dress because it's the way I live my life on and off the court."

More Than Just a Tennis Player

Kostyuk's pre-Wimbledon involvement with Vogue Ukraine further highlighted her multifaceted personality. She, along with fellow Ukrainian athletes Elina Svitolina, Anhelina Kalinina, and Dayana Yamstremska, participated in a photoshoot showcasing Ukrainian talent ahead of the upcoming Paris Olympics. The photoshoot, featuring Kostyuk topless in a white tennis skirt, sparked conversation and showcased her willingness to push boundaries.

A Wimbledon to Remember

Whether it's her impressive on-court performance or her unique choice of attire, Marta Kostyuk is undoubtedly making a statement at Wimbledon this year. Her story is a testament to her individuality, her comfort in her own skin, and her ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of sport and fashion.


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