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This Morning's Alison Hammond plans ''to marry' landscape gardener boyfriend

This Morning's Alison Hammond  plans  ''to marry' landscape gardener boyfriend
Published 1 years ago on Feb 18, 2023

Alison Hammod, 48, has been pictured regularly alongside her boyfriend Ben Hawkins near his family home, and were most recently spotted together on Valentine's.

the BAFTA host is said to be willing to marry her new man, with the pair getting on "like a house on fire".

Friends say the pair hit it off when she hired him to tend to her Midlands property nearly two years ago.

A friend told The Sun of their relationship: "They love to hang out and have been for meals and down to the pub.

"They’re both down to earth and get on like a house on fire.

"She makes him laugh and Alison thinks it’s cute he still lives with his parents.

Alison, who will be hosting the Baftas, teased fans about her love interest in recent months when she hinted she would be willing to marry her "mystery man".

She said to The Sun in october: "There is someone special, and if he wants to pop the question, he can pop away."

Dermot dropped into conversation: "You are not available anymore."

She replied: "What do you mean I am not available? You've just told the whole world.

"There is a special someone. There is someone in my life. There is somebody I am dating but you know what I want to share with our family.

"Thanks for outing me Dermot. I tell you once and you tell the whole world."

Speaking about her new man for the first time, Alison revealed: "Can you believe Dermot outed me on the TV?

Alison's co-host on this Morning Dermot O'Leary let slip live on air last year that the TV personality was "taken".

"I’m a little bit disappointed to be honest with you as I can’t flirt with no one else now.

"He’s a lovely man and all I can say is that I’ve had him hidden for a year and a half.

"A year and a half I’ve been with him, and no one knew! He loves me to bits.

"He absolutely worships me and massages my feet every single day. What more do you want?!”

Alison is known for being extremely guarded when it comes to her dating life.

Her most recent known boyfriend was security guard Jamie Savage, who she met through an online dating site.

They got engaged in 2014 before calling time on the romance in 2017.

Before that, she was married to Manchester cab driver Noureddine Boufaied, who she shares son Aiden, 17, with.


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