Tori Spelling's Dance at Kid's Game Sparks Controversy

Tori Spelling's Dance at Kid's Game Sparks Controversy
Published 2 months ago on Mar 01, 2024

Los Angeles, CA - [DATE]Actress Tori Spelling Sparks Debate with Dance Moves at Child's Basketball Game

Tori Spelling was dragged by fans after she twerked at one of her kids' basketball games on Thursday

Actress Tori Spelling ignited social media debate after posting a video of herself dancing at her child's basketball game. The clip, shared by https://nypost.com/ on Instagram, showed Spelling performing suggestive dance moves on the court, while other children practiced in the background.

Fan Reactions Divided

The video garnered mixed reactions from viewers. Some criticized Spelling's actions, calling them inappropriate and attention-seeking. Others defended her right to express herself and have fun.

The Beverly Hills 90210 alum sparked outrage after taking to her Instagram to post a clip showing off her hot dance moves in the middle of a practice gym

Criticism and Support

Comments criticizing Spelling's behavior included, "Could you please act like a mother and not embarrass your children?" and "This is so cringe." Supporters countered with messages like, "She is having fun and dancing so yes she should absolutely act this way...we all need a little dancing in our lives" and "Let her live and be happy! Who is anyone to say what's 'appropriate'?"

Dressed in a white crop top paired with camouflage pants, the actress swayed her hips from side to side and protruded her derriere

Personal Struggles and Recent Developments

The controversy surrounding the dance video comes amidst personal struggles for Spelling. She recently relocated to a new rental home after experiencing financial difficulties and separating from her husband of 18 years, Dean McDermott.

McDermott's Comments and New Relationship

McDermott, who has since moved on with another woman, expressed his love for Spelling in a recent interview, acknowledging his past mistakes and taking responsibility for the couple's separation.

Overall, the incident highlights the ongoing debate about personal behavior and online judgment, particularly when it involves celebrities and their families.


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