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Tragic Turn: EuroMillions Winner Jane Park Devastated as Ex-Boyfriend Marc Webley Shot Dead on Hogmanay

Tragic Turn: EuroMillions Winner Jane Park Devastated as Ex-Boyfriend Marc Webley Shot Dead on Hogmanay
Published 1 months ago on Jan 01, 2024

 The incident, which unfolded just before midnight, drew armed police to the Anchor Inn, where the 36-year-old Webley was gunned down. Webley, a known gangster, had reportedly expressed anticipation of an attack, carrying weapons regularly.

Jane Park's Heartbreak and Relationship with Webley

Jane Park, who gained fame as Britain's youngest EuroMillions winner in 2013, revealed her devastation on social media, posting a picture of her and Webley together. The couple had been in a relationship until just last month. In her heartfelt message, Park expressed disbelief and shared the valuable lessons Webley had taught her during their time together. The tragic incident comes weeks after the couple's split, with Park previously posting pictures of their relationship on social media.

The Shooting Incident and Police Response 

The fatal shooting occurred outside the Anchor Inn, where Webley, known for carrying weapons, was celebrating Hogmanay with friends. Reports suggest that Webley had been involved in a longstanding dispute, and there were threats from both sides. Police, responding to the incident, locked down Granton Road and Granton Crescent as they conducted investigations. Webley, hit in the neck and head, succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Another man was also reportedly shot and is in critical condition.

Community Reactions and Potential Ramifications 

The news of Webley's death prompted condolences from friends, family, and even Jane Park, who posted a heart emoji on a picture shared by Webley's older brother. Speculation about potential repercussions within the city's underworld has arisen, with claims that Webley's brother hinted at an anticipated outcome. The circumstances surrounding the shooting suggest a targeted attack, with Webley leaving the pub just before the attack. Authorities continue their efforts to piece together the details and identify the assailant.

Marc Webley's Criminal History and Recent Acquittal 

Webley, previously acquitted of two attempted murders in October 2022, had faced charges related to an alleged attempt to ram a car off the road. The High Court in Edinburgh cleared him of these charges due to insufficient evidence. Webley had a history of criminal involvement, having served 11 years in 2006 for attempted murder in a gangland-style ambush. The victim, Peter Simpson, survived the attack, but Webley's involvement in the incident led to his imprisonment.

Jane Park's Journey Since Winning EuroMillions 

Jane Park's life took a dramatic turn when she won £1 million in 2013 at the age of 17, becoming Britain's youngest EuroMillions winner. Initially making headlines for her lavish purchases, including a Louis Vuitton handbag and a Chihuahua puppy, Park's story shifted over the years. Despite spending most of her winnings on plastic surgery and shopping, she faced loneliness and opted to return to her family home. In recent years, Park transitioned to online platforms, gaining attention on OnlyFans and claiming to earn significant income through topless photographs.

A Tragic Chapter Unfolds 

As the investigation into Marc Webley's fatal shooting unfolds, the tragic chapter casts a shadow on Jane Park's past relationship. The unexpected loss reverberates through the community, prompting condolences and speculation about potential repercussions. Webley's criminal history and recent acquittal add complexity to the narrative, raising questions about the circumstances leading to the targeted attack on Hogmanay. Authorities continue their efforts to unravel the details surrounding this unfortunate event that has left Jane Park and the community grappling with the aftermath.



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