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Travis Kelce Expresses Desire for Kids with Taylor Swift as Romance Heats Up

Travis Kelce Expresses Desire for Kids with Taylor Swift as Romance Heats Up
Published 4 months ago on Oct 29, 2023

According to a report by Yahoo Entertainment, the couple is already discussing plans for the future, which may include starting a family. 

NFL star Travis Kelce reportedly wants to have kids with Taylor Swift 'in the next year or so'

The source reveals that Travis Kelce, 34, has expressed a strong desire to have children with Taylor Swift in the coming year or so, a prospect to which the acclaimed singer is wholeheartedly committed. The romantic connection between the football star and the music sensation is undeniably deepening, with Kelce even contemplating the idea of tying the knot with Swift. 

It's no secret that Travis Kelce has a well-established reputation as a family-oriented individual. His mother, Donna, is frequently seen at his NFL games, offering unwavering support and enthusiasm. Furthermore, Travis shares a remarkably close bond with his older brother, Jason, who is also an NFL player, representing the Philadelphia Eagles. The brothers are recognized for their strong relationship, which extends to hosting a joint podcast titled "New Heights." When both the Chiefs and the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl last season, their mother proudly wore a jersey split between the two teams to demonstrate her dual support. 

In a recent occurrence, Travis Kelce spent the weekend with Taylor Swift in New York, a testament to the growing closeness of their relationship. However, he temporarily departed her side to attend Jason's match as the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Taylor Swift has had the opportunity to meet both of Travis Kelce's parents. During her initial appearance at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium to cheer him on, she sat alongside Donna in the distinctive Kelce suit. She has also had the pleasure of meeting his father, Ed, during one of the games. 

Swift has been at four of Kelce's last five Kansas City Chiefs games to cheer him on

While their love story continues to blossom, Taylor Swift will not be in attendance at Travis Kelce's upcoming NFL game in Denver, where the Kansas City Chiefs will compete against the Broncos. The reason for her absence is her upcoming return to touring, as she is set to embark on a month-long series of performances in Brazil and Argentina, commencing on November 9 in Buenos Aires. 

The year 2023 is expected to be a whirlwind for the 33-year-old Taylor Swift as her highly successful Eras tour enters the global arena. With tour dates scheduled in Japan and Australia, Swift may not be present at the Super Bowl on February 11, even if Travis Kelce and the Chiefs secure their return to the grand event. 

The extensive European tour is slated to take place during the summer, and Swift will also be performing in Florida and Canada as the year draws to a close, extending her concerts through November. The final tour date for 2024 is set for November 23 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, marking the culmination of her remarkable journey across the globe. 

As fans eagerly watch this remarkable love story unfold, the couple's dedication to one another remains a heartwarming testament to the enduring power of love and companionship. 

Kelce is a proud family man and is very close to his older brother Jason, of Philadelphia Eagles

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Relationship

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating, but neither of them has confirmed the relationship. The rumors started in September 2023, when Swift was seen at a Kansas City Chiefs game supporting Kelce. The two have also been spotted together on several occasions since then.

Travis Kelce Dancing to Taylor Swift

In October 2023, a video of Kelce dancing to Swift's song "Shake It Off" went viral on social media. The video showed Kelce having a lot of fun and enjoying himself, and it led to many fans speculating about his relationship with Swift.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Effect

The "Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Effect" is a term used to describe the positive impact that Swift's support has had on Kelce's career. Since the rumors of their relationship started, Kelce has been playing at a very high level, and he is considered to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Age Difference

Kelce was born on October 5, 1989, and Swift was born on December 13, 1989. They are both 33 years old, so there is no age difference between them.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Kiss

There is no photo or video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing. However, some fans have claimed to have seen them kiss in public.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Car

Swift and Kelce have been seen driving around together in Swift's black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

How Did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Meet?

It is not clear how Swift and Kelce met. However, some fans have speculated that they met through mutual friends.

It is important to note that all of this information is based on rumors and speculation. Neither Swift nor Kelce has confirmed their relationship or shared any details about how they met.



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