Travis Kelce’s teammate Harrison slammed for sexist comment

Travis Kelce’s teammate Harrison slammed for sexist comment
Published 1 weeks ago on May 15, 2024

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker Slammed for Sexist, Anti-LGBTQ+ Graduation Speech. 

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker Slammed for Sexist, Anti-LGBTQ+ Graduation Speech

Harrison Butker's Speech Stirs Controversy: Kicker's Remarks Spark Outrage on Social Media

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has ignited a firestorm of controversy after delivering a commencement speech riddled with sexist and anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiments. During his address at Benedictine College's graduation ceremony, Butker expressed disapproval of working women, Pride Month celebrations, and various social issues, triggering a wave of criticism online.

The 28-year-old athlete acknowledged his outspoken nature before launching into a critique of "dangerous gender ideologies" and current political figures. He went on to denounce aspects of modern society, claiming practices like abortion, in vitro fertilization, and surrogacy stemmed from a "pervasiveness of disorder."

Kansas City Kicker Sparks Outrage With Divisive Commencement Address

Butker's most inflammatory remarks targeted the LGBTQIA+ community. He disparaged Pride Month, labelling it a celebration of "the deadly sins" and criticizing the commemoration of queer rights. This insensitive statement aimed towards graduates of the Catholic college in Atchison, Kansas, deeply offended many.

Further fueling the controversy, Butker addressed female graduates, asserting that their most significant role was as "homemakers." He downplayed career aspirations for women, suggesting their true fulfillment lay in marriage and motherhood. This outdated perspective on female roles in society drew widespread condemnation.

In stark contrast, Butker encouraged male graduates to embrace "masculinity" and resist a perceived "cultural emasculation of men." His speech reinforced traditional gender stereotypes, failing to acknowledge the diversity of masculine expression.

Adding another layer of awkwardness, Butker quoted a lyric from Taylor Swift's song "Bejeweled" – a song by the girlfriend of his teammate, Travis Kelce. This seemingly innocuous reference felt misplaced within the context of his divisive speech.

Kansas City Kicker Sparks Outrage With Divisive Commencement Address

The response on social media was swift and harsh. Fans of the Chiefs, Taylor Swift devotees, and numerous others heavily criticized Butker's remarks. Accusations of bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia dominated online discourse.

Many commentators expressed outrage at Butker's views, questioning his suitability as a representative for the Kansas City Chiefs, a team known for its inclusive environment. Calls for the Chiefs to reprimand or even release Butker were prevalent.

While neither Taylor Swift nor Travis Kelce have publicly addressed the controversy, both have previously advocated for LGBTQIA+ rights and progressive causes. The stark contrast between Butker's stances and those of his teammate further amplified the negative reception.

The Kansas City Chiefs have yet to comment on the situation, leaving fans and the public to grapple with the implications of Butker's speech. This incident underscores the ongoing struggle for social progress and the importance of inclusivity within professional sports.


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