‘Trying to reconquer me!’ – Wanda Nara slams ex-husband Mauro Icardi for being too controlling

‘Trying to reconquer me!’ – Wanda Nara slams ex-husband Mauro Icardi for being too controlling
Published 1 years ago on Mar 09, 2023

Wanda Nara has now spoken out about her turbulent relationship with Mauro Icardi after their marriage ended.

She was previously married to Mauro Icardi’s former teammate Maxi Lopez before the Argentine stole her from him. She was accused of cheating on Lopez and they divorced in 2013.

The 35-year-old Argentine beauty dated Icardi before marrying in 2014, and the couple has two children together. But things got ugly when Icardi was allegedly ‘caught in a hotel with another woman’. Things blew up and Nara made it all public on social media which started off a series of accusations being thrown at each other on social media.

In September, the model confirmed that their relationship has come to an end. However, it seems as if the couple are trying to mend fences again with Icardi posting lots of pictures with Wanda where the two of them seem very close.

And Wanda in an exclusive interview Vanity Fair Italy has revealed it all. She revealed that the ultimate reason for the couple splitting was that Wanda wanted to start working as a TV model/actress again. She was ‘offered many roles in TV in Argentina’ which the former Inter star ‘didn’t like’.

The Argentine model insisted that for her ‘independence is vital’ but Icardi was not for the idea of her starting work again and was “trying to reconquer’ her

She told Vanity Fair: 

“It is rare for a footballer’s wife to work. For a long time I only took care of my children and husband, but now I want to take back my time. And go back to my profession: in Argentina they keep offering me programs to host and I really like television. Also in Italy I have two projects that should start in March. This does not mean neglecting the children: Mauro trains two hours a day, the rest of the time he is at home. He can help me, can’t he?”

He doesn’t like the idea of ??me taking attention away from the family. While for me independence is fundamental: it is the path to freedom. 

So every two for three he tries to win me back, the other day he came to pick me up at the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me out to dinner and told me: “I’m not giving up”. 

Very well, but I already know that if we get back together and in two months I mention a new job offer, we’ll be back to square one.’

Wanda Nara confirmed that she and Icardi have not gotten back together despite the player constantly putting in efforts for them to reconcile. She also confirmed that the two of them are in good terms and are making things work for the sake of their children. She got an apartment above Icardi’s and manage their relationship as if they are still a family.


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