Ukrainian model filmed in Red Square hunted by Putin

Ukrainian model filmed in Red Square hunted by Putin
Published 2 months ago on Feb 20, 2024

Prudish Putin Launches Manhunt for Ukrainian Model Filmed Topless in Red Square.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has initiated a peculiar manhunt for a Ukrainian model, Lolita Bogdanova, also known as Lola Bunny, who was filmed exposing her chest in Moscow's iconic Red Square. The video, which surfaced in 2021, captured Bogdanova posing topless at the historic site, sparking controversy amidst Putin's purported crackdown on perceived acts of debauchery.

Reports indicate that Bogdanova, aged 24, has been placed on the Kremlin's international wanted list by the Russian Interior Ministry. The move follows the model's provocative stunt in front of St. Basil's Cathedral, a revered religious landmark in Russia, triggering outrage among conservative circles.

Although Bogdanova issued an apology for any offense caused to religious believers, asserting that the footage was filmed years earlier and uploaded by another individual, she was compelled to remain in Russia pending a thorough investigation. Despite this, she has since left the country and is now believed to be abroad.


The reasons behind the sudden pursuit of Bogdanova by Russian authorities remain unclear, with the Interior Ministry offering no specific explanation for her inclusion on the wanted list or the criminal charges against her.

Originally hailing from Makiivka, a city now under Russian occupation in Ukraine, Bogdanova's case emerges amid a broader campaign by the Russian government to promote traditional values, marking a departure from Putin's previous two decades in power.

This recent crackdown on perceived acts of immorality or dissent has seen an escalation in law enforcement actions, including the detainment of individuals involved in controversial public displays. Notably, Maxim Tesli, the frontman of the Puppies band, was apprehended after performing naked at a club gig in St. Petersburg. Similarly, rapper Vacio faced scrutiny for attending a lavish party wearing only a sock on his manhood.

The death of prominent opposition figure Alexei Navalny in Russian custody has further exacerbated concerns over human rights abuses and government repression under Putin's regime. Navalny's demise, amid allegations of foul play, has raised suspicions of state-sponsored violence against dissenters.

As Putin tightens his grip on power and suppresses perceived acts of defiance, the case of Lolita Bogdanova underscores the increasingly authoritarian trajectory of Russia's political landscape, prompting renewed scrutiny from international observers and human rights advocates.


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