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Uncle Gary Defends Kate's Privacy Amidst Surgery Rumors

Uncle Gary Defends Kate's Privacy Amidst Surgery Rumors
Published 4 months ago on Mar 06, 2024

Princess Kate's Uncle Slams Wild Conspiracy Theories About Her Health After Surgery

Princess Kate's Uncle Defends Her Against Conspiracy Theories and Calls for Privacy After Surgery

Princess Kate's Uncle Slams Wild Conspiracy Theories About Her Health After Surgery

Gary Goldsmith, uncle of Princess Kate, rebuffs conspiracy theories about her health post-surgery, urging the public to respect her privacy.

Princess Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has come forward to denounce rampant conspiracy theories circulating about his niece's health in the wake of her recent abdominal surgery. Kate Middleton, who spent nearly two weeks recuperating at The London Clinic in Marylebone, was discharged on January 29th.

Goldsmith, who made headlines as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, has been vocal in his support for Kate, previously describing her as 'beautiful' and dismissing racism allegations against her as 'nonsense'. 

Speaking on social media, Goldsmith said conspiracy theorists 'should leave her alone right now because there's a reason why they're not talking about it,' the Mirror reported.

He emphasized, "There's a reason why they're not discussing it openly. They are giving her some breathing room. It's fundamentally wrong to intrude on her privacy, especially during a vulnerable time like this."

Goldsmith highlighted the Middleton family's dedication to prioritizing family over duty, urging the public to afford Kate the same compassion and space they would offer anyone else. Despite his occasional public appearances, Goldsmith's relationship with the Middleton family has reportedly been distant in recent years.

While Goldsmith has previously attended significant family events, including William and Kate's wedding and Pippa Middleton's nuptials, royal experts have expressed concern over his participation on Celebrity Big Brother, suggesting it may add undue stress to Kate during her recovery.

Goldsmith's notoriety stems from a 2009 incident in which he was implicated in a drugs sting by the now-defunct News Of The World newspaper. Despite the embarrassment caused to the Royal Family, Goldsmith revealed that Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, personally reached out to apologize on behalf of the family.

Born into a modest background in Hounslow, West London, Goldsmith amassed his wealth through ventures in IT and sports management. His recruitment firm's success propelled him to multimillionaire status before controversy tarnished his public image.

In other news, speculation arose following an announcement by the Ministry of Defence regarding Kate's return to royal duties post-surgery. The Palace has yet to confirm her attendance, emphasizing that only official announcements from the Palace are considered valid.

Goldsmith's recent remarks follow his condemnation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's public revelations, defending Kate against allegations of racism. As Kate continues her recovery, the public is reminded to respect her privacy and well-being during this challenging time.


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