Unearthing the 'Tunnel Girl' of TikTok: Who is Kala?

Unearthing the 'Tunnel Girl' of TikTok: Who is Kala?
Published 2 months ago on Jan 04, 2024

 Delving into the ground beneath her suburban home in Northern Virginia since October 2022, Kala's tunneling journey has garnered massive attention. However, recent developments involving zoning officials halting her endeavors have left many wondering about the future of her subterranean escapades.

Meet Kala: The Tunneling Sensation:

Kala, whose TikTok handle is @engineer.everything, has become a sensation, accumulating over 500,000 followers and 5.1 million likes on the platform. Despite her username hinting at an engineering background, Kala, in her late 30s, works in information technology with a regular 9-to-5 office job. Her foray into tunneling serves as a testament to her passion for challenges and acquiring new skills.

Her videos showcase her donning dresses and skirts, complete with pearl necklaces and manicured nails, as she navigates through the intricate process of cutting through concrete, installing ventilation systems, and dealing with unexpected challenges. Kala's monotone narration adds a unique touch to her content, making her a distinctive presence in the realm of DIY projects.

The Ambitious Undertaking:

Kala's tunneling project, initiated in October 2022, has produced more than 75 videos, chronicling her extensive efforts. Despite the project costing over $50,000, Kala views it as a personal challenge, keeping her preoccupied and entertained. Contrary to assumptions, she clarifies that her aim is not a doomsday bunker, but rather a protective shelter area.

The videos reveal her resilience in the face of challenges, including a fire incident caused by welding steel forms, which she promptly addressed. Kala emphasizes that safety and structural stability are not major concerns, with 99.9% of the project going according to plan.

Hitting Roadblocks: Zoning Officials Step In:

Kala's underground endeavors did not go unnoticed by zoning officials in the town of Herndon, Northern Virginia, where she resides. Following potential violations of building codes, the town issued a stop-work order after a site inspection in December 2023. Concerns raised by neighbors and followers on TikTok likely contributed to the town's intervention.

Kala's followers questioned her qualifications, permits, and adherence to safety protocols, prompting a response from the town. A spokesperson confirmed the issuance of the stop-work order, stating that corrective measures were underway to ensure compliance with building codes.

Kala's Response and Future Prospects:

Kala addressed the stop-work order in a video on December 28, 2023, acknowledging the situation and stating that efforts were being made to resolve it. While she seemed undeterred, viewers expressed concern and skepticism about her safety measures.

The town's officials are requiring an immediate evaluation by a professional engineer. Kala, optimistic about obtaining the necessary permits, believes that building and tunneling underneath her own home should facilitate approval.

As the situation unfolds, Kala's followers remain engaged, and the hashtag #tunnelgirl continues to gain traction on TikTok, accumulating over 42 million views. Meanwhile, Kala has prepared a backup YouTube account (@engineerkala) in case her TikTok journey faces further obstacles.

The future of Kala's tunneling adventure hangs in the balance, awaiting professional evaluation and potential regulatory approvals. As the 'tunnel girl' navigates through this unexpected chapter, her audience remains hooked on the twists and turns of her unconventional project.


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