US Army Commander Accused of Misconduct Amid Leadership Crisis

US Army Commander Accused of Misconduct Amid Leadership Crisis
Published 2 months ago on Jan 25, 2024

US Army Commander Faces Allegations of Misconduct: Accused of 'Forcefully Kissing' Male Subordinates.

In a shocking turn of events, Colonel Meghann Sullivan, a trailblazing US Army commander, is now under investigation for allegations of misconduct, including 'forcibly kissing' at least two male subordinates. This revelation comes just weeks after her boss, Colonel Jonathan Chung, was suspended over abuse allegations against soldiers under his command.

Colonel Sullivan, 44, serves in the Army's 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade and is currently under scrutiny as Military.com reported. The accusations against her include forcibly kissing one man, grabbing another below the belt without consent, and harassing others. Two sources close to the investigation revealed to Military.com that some of these incidents involved the consumption of alcohol.

The Army has not confirmed whether Colonel Sullivan has been suspended. Sergeant 1st Class Adrian Patoka, a military spokesperson, stated, "We have no information on that matter that we can share at this time."

The timing of these allegations is significant, considering the recent suspension of Colonel Jonathan Chung, Sullivan's superior, who faced accusations of abusive treatment and counterproductive leadership. Colonel Chung was alleged to have dressed down subordinates for minor infractions and micromanaged his team.

In the context of the broader issue of sexual assault within the military, male victims constitute only 10 percent of all reported cases, averaging around 14,000 incidents annually, according to 2021 data from the Department of Defense.

Colonel Meghann Sullivan made history in June 2021 when she became the first woman to lead an SFAB battalion, a significant achievement recognized by the Army. SFAB units, identified by their distinctive brown beret with an 'advisor' tab, play a crucial role in training and collaborating with partner countries, as outlined by Military.com.

At the time of her promotion, Major General Scott Jackson praised Sullivan as a 'phenomenal engineer,' emphasizing her role as a senior female advisor and a symbol of inclusion in engaging with militaries throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

With a military career spanning over two decades, Sullivan expressed excitement about her new role, stating that she looked forward to inspiring young women by showing that success is attainable regardless of one's appearance or demeanor.

The recent scrutiny on the military follows the tragic discovery of a soldier found dead at Fort Bragg. Seven soldiers based in North Carolina are facing courts-martial in connection with the case of Specialist Enrique Roman-Martinez, whose partial remains were discovered along the coast in 2020.

Roman-Martinez, last seen during a camping outing with the seven soldiers over Memorial Day weekend, had his severed head wash up six days later, with the manner of death listed as a homicide. The soldiers, charged with conspiracy and failure to obey travel restrictions, include Specials Juan Avila, Alex R. Becerra, Joshua L. Curry, and Benjamin E. Sibley, as well as Privates Annamarie L. Cochell, Private First Classes Samad A. Landrum, and Sergeant Samuel O. Moore.

Court records indicate that the soldiers face additional charges unrelated to Roman-Martinez's death, including the use of LSD, disobedience of a superior, or making false statements. Arraignments have taken place, and trials are scheduled from May to September.


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