US Model Sparks Fury, Posing by Death To America Murals

US Model Sparks Fury, Posing by Death To America Murals
Published 4 months ago on Feb 07, 2024

 US porn star Whitney Wright seen visiting IRAN and posing in front of ‘Death To America’ murals sparking fury Making pornography is illegal in Iran with those detained facing a severe punishment AMERICAN porn star Whitney Wright has sparked outrage after travelling to Iran to visit the abandoned US embassy. 

American porn star Whitney Wright has sparked outrage after visiting conservative IranCredit: Instagram

The 32-year-old filmed herself at the embassy which has now become an anti-American museum as tension between the two countries continues to mount. The social media star, from Oklahoma, says she was compelled to visit the site where Iranian students held staff hostage for over 400 days during the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Whitney, whose real name is Brittni Rayne Whittington, wrote in a recently edited post: "I'm sharing exhibits from a museum that are never seen. "It's not an endorsement of the Government."

She said she had been compelled to visit the former US embassy that's now abandonedCredit: Instagram

 Despite her visit putting her at risk of arrest and being sentenced to the death penalty under Iran's strict laws making sex work illegal and can carry the death sentence. Sharing pictures to her Instagram page, the porn star is seen throughout the Iran capital while wearing a headscarf and conservative clothing. She is also seen posing in front of 'Death to America' morals during her bizarre trip. In the wake of her controversial visit, she defended herself against critics on her Instagram stories and appears to have edited the caption on her post to, "Tehran ~ a sweet glimpse." Fans commented on the post: "We are glad you came to Iran, we hope you had a good time." While others were unimpressed by the images, adding: "Shame on you. You have supported one of the most brutal regimes in the world when you arrived in Iran." US-based activist, Masih Alinejad, who faced assassination and kidnap attempts in her home country of Iran, lashed out at the American pornstar. 

The social media star from Oklahoma posted about her visit to Tehran sparking some fierce backlash online

In a scathing Twitter post, she wrote: "Iranian women don’t want to obey a discriminatory law. Rosa Parks stood up against racist laws in America and became a symbol of resistance. "We the women of Iran want to be like Rosa Parks and not Whitney Wright. "And by the way, the true warmongers are the agents of the Islamic Republic who will execute you if you are true to yourself." Iranian actor Setareh Pesiani said on Instagram: "You punish people of this country in various methods for removal of hijab but you allow a porn star to come here for tourism!?" The visit has raised questions about how Whitney was able to enter the country at all given that making pornography is illegal and US citizens must obtain a visa. 

A picture on her Insta page showed Whitney wearing a head scarf and conservative clothingCredit: Instagram

An anonymous Revolutionary Guard claimed those who issue visas were "not aware about the nature of her immoral job", according to the Iranian news agency Tasmin. Iran Human Rights reports that in 2024, some 74 people are believed to have been executed by the Iranian government. Iran's foreign affairs spokesperson said: "Naturally US citizens face no impediments in travelling to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Iranian citizens ae able to travel to the US." The US State Department said it warned Americans about travelling to Iran and that they should "exercise increased caution due to the risk of wrongful detention." In March 2021, US porn star Alexis Texas sparked fury after stripping off in Tehran for a music video. In the music video, the 35-year-old pornstar was seen dancing and removing her clothing, including her white headscarf, as she danced with singer Sasy.

Questions have been raised about how the adult film star was allowed into the country

 After removing her outer layer of clothing, Alexis Texas donned a seemingly silky black dress with straps. Despite there being no explicit sex or nudity in the video, the footage was deemed controversial. MOUNTING TENSIONS The trip also comes at a time of high tension between Iran and the US over an attack on a US base in the Middle East that left three American soldiers dead. Since the attack by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, The US vowed to hit back launching a series of strikes with the UK on targets in Yemen on Friday. 

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the weekend attacks are "not the end" of US action in the region - as Tehran issued a disturbing warning to American forces. Tehran on Sunday told America to leave Iranian spy ships in the Red Sea alone after the US and UK last night targeted Houthis in Yemen. 

In 2021, US porn star Alexis Texas sparks fury in Tehran after stripping off in Iranian music video

The two cargo vessels Iran warned the US to stay away from are thought to have IRGC commandos on board, serving as military bases for Tehran's warped terrorist army. When the White House security chief was then asked if the US had taken Iran strikes "off the table", he said the president is "determined to respond forcefully to attacks on our people". And he refused to rule out potential unprecedented direct action by American forces on Iranian soil.


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