Wanda Nara wows fans with her latest Instagram post

Wanda Nara wows  fans with her latest Instagram post
Published 1 years ago on Mar 17, 2023

The Argentine, 36, has built an enormous social media fanbase, boasting 16.5million followers on Insta.

Wanda split with husband Mauro Icardi after eight years of marriage late last year.

The striker whisked his wife off to the Maldives in a bid to try and save their relationship, only for them to split regardless.

Wanda, formerly Icardi's agent, has since gotten on with some modelling work.

Her latest sultry poses had fans begging for more.

One wrote: "Come, go and get rid of yourself in Onlyfans."

A second merely commented: "Onlyfan."

And another added: "OF to the shot."

After initially breaking up with his wife last year, Icardi was was said to be dating a Turkish actress, weeks after Wanda was spotted kissing rapper L-Gante. 

Icardi and Wanda's trip to the Maldives followed, but their rocky relationship now appears to be over for good.

Speaking to Nerazzurri Siamo Noi, she said: "There is no prize for those who resist. I want someone who makes me happy.

"The trip to the Maldives? That was an extreme attempt. Obviously, after so many years you have plans and dreams and you want to make them come true.

"But we had already distanced ourselves, it has nothing to do with getting back together.

"When peace ends in a relationship, things don't work out for me. It's true, Mauro doesn't want to separate, but the truth is that since October I have decided to distance myself."

As well as her modelling, Wanda has also been  workinmg as a TV presenter.

She has been hosting Masterchef Argentina, continuing her career in showbiz.

How many kids does Wanda Nara have?

How Many Kids Does Wanda Nara Have? Unveiling Her Family Life 

Wanda Nara, the Argentinian businesswoman and media personality, is known for her successful career and her high-profile relationship with footballer Mauro Icardi. But beyond the headlines, she's also a dedicated mother. Let's delve into her family life and explore how many children she has.

A Family Blended with Love

Wanda Nara has a total of five children. Three of them are from her previous marriage to footballer Maxi López: Valentino Gastón López Nara (born January 25, 2009), Constantino López Nara (born December 18, 2010), and Benedicto López Nara (born February 20, 2012).

A New Chapter with Icardi

After marrying Mauro Icardi in 2014, Wanda and Icardi welcomed two daughters together: Francesca Icardi Nara (born January 19, 2015) and Isabella Icardi Nara (born October 27, 2016).

A Supportive and Proud Mom

Wanda is known to be a very supportive mother, often attending her children's sporting events and sharing their achievements on social media. She frequently posts photos showcasing her close bond with all five children.

Balancing Career and Family

Despite her busy schedule, Wanda prioritizes her family. She manages to juggle her professional commitments with her role as a mother, creating a strong and loving family unit.

The Power of Family

Wanda Nara's family life is a testament to the power of love and blended families. She demonstrates that strong bonds can be built regardless of biological ties.

In Conclusion: A Mother of Five

So, to answer the question definitively, Wanda Nara has five children: three sons from her marriage to Maxi López and two daughters with her current husband, Mauro Icardi.


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