Who is the Wimbledon semi-finalist DONNA VEKIC, 28.

Who is  the Wimbledon semi-finalist DONNA VEKIC, 28.
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 10, 2024

From Court to Candlelight: Donna Vekic Shines On and Off the Wimbledon Stage.

From Court to Candlelight: Donna Vekic Shines On and Off the Wimbledon Stage

Donna Vekic, the 28-year-old Croatian tennis star, has illuminated the courts at Wimbledon this year, both with her powerful game and with her entrepreneurial spirit. Vekic's captivating run to her first Grand Slam semi-final coincides with the success of her own candle brand, "DNNA," showcasing her talents beyond the baseline.

Beyond the Baseline: A Businesswoman with a Passion for Quality

Vekic's journey exemplifies resilience. Having battled back from significant injuries to achieve her best Grand Slam performance, she now takes on the additional challenge of building a successful business venture. Launched three years ago during Wimbledon, "DNNA" reflects her passion for creating high-quality products. Vekic's commitment to using 100% beeswax and prioritizing product excellence over celebrity endorsement is a testament to her dedication to building a brand on its own merits.

From Tennis Court to Fashion Line: Building a Brand Portfolio

Vekic doesn't limit herself to candles. She also boasts her own clothing line, "Donna Sport," which she proudly wears on court. This independent spirit extends to her recent split with Nike, showcasing her desire to control her own brand image.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Motivation

Vekic's path hasn't been without obstacles. She has openly discussed contemplating retirement due to injuries and a lack of desired results. However, a turning point came during the lead-up to the French Open this year. With the support of her team, including tennis legend Pam Shriver, Vekic found renewed motivation and embraced the challenge of pushing forward.

A Testament to Resilience and Versatility

Vekic's story transcends tennis. It's a narrative of perseverance, of overcoming adversity both physically and mentally. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality are evident in her business ventures. Now, with a burning desire for victory, she sets her sights on the Wimbledon semi-finals, ready to illuminate the court once again.


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