World’s first ‘flying bike’ hits market for $500K

World’s first ‘flying bike’ hits market for $500K
Published 1 years ago on Mar 09, 2023

A new mode of transport being hyped as the ''worl's first  flying bike'' has officially been released in Japan — with a nearly $555,000 online price tag, according to the company’s site.

Japan Unveils XTURISMO: A Real-Life Hoverbike Takes Flight 

Calling all sci-fi enthusiasts! The dream of soaring through the skies on a personal flying machine has inched closer to reality with the release of the XTURISMO in Japan. Developed by the Japanese aircraft company AERWINS, the XTURISMO is being hailed as the world's first commercially available flying bike.

A "Luxury Air Cruiser" Inspired by Star Wars

The XTURISMO isn't just about functionality; it oozes futuristic flair. This 12-foot-long "luxury air cruiser" draws inspiration from the iconic speeder bikes featured in the Star Wars universe. Imagine chasing stormtroopers through the skies on Endor – the XTURISMO promises a taste of that exhilarating experience.

Powering the Dream of Flight

While the XTURISMO might look like something out of a movie, its technology is rooted in engineering innovation. This 661-pound vehicle boasts a hybrid propulsion system. At its core lies a powerful 228-horsepower, gas-fueled Kawasaki engine that drives two large central rotors. For added stability, four electric fans positioned on the outer edges of the vehicle provide additional thrust. This combination of power and control allows the XTURISMO to reach speeds ranging from 50 to 62 miles per hour.

A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation

The XTURISMO isn't just a joyride; it represents a potential leap forward in transportation technology. AERWINS envisions the XTURISMO as a "manifestation of the dream of air mobility," a concept that could revolutionize the way we travel. The company's official description states, "Expand your ideas about transport, experience the world like never before... Pioneer the next generation of transport. XTURISMO was created with this in mind. A new journey begins."

Taking Flight (with Limitations): Test Rides and Future Applications

While the XTURISMO embodies the spirit of boundless flight, there are currently limitations. As of now, flying bikes are only available in Japan and restricted to test rides on closed racetracks. This doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of AERWINS, who report receiving "orders and inquiries from all over the world."

Looking beyond personal use, the XTURISMO's potential applications extend far beyond leisure activities. The creators envision the flying bike playing a vital role in search and rescue operations, disaster relief efforts, and infrastructure inspections. Imagine a scenario where first responders can quickly access remote locations or inspect power lines with ease. The XTURISMO's agility and maneuverability could prove invaluable in such situations.

A Beacon of Innovation: A Glimpse of What's to Come

The XTURISMO's unveiling marks a significant milestone in the development of personal flying vehicles. While widespread use in our daily lives might still be some time away, the XTURISMO serves as a powerful symbol of human ingenuity and our constant push towards innovation. The captivating video showcasing the XTURISMO hovering above the scenic beauty of Lake Yamanaka with Mount Fuji in the backdropp is a testament to the awe-inspiring potential of this technology. As AERWINS themselves state, the video aims to "move viewers with the natural beauty" while simultaneously sparking excitement for "the future mobility which can be achieved through our technological capabilities."

The XTURISMO might not be readily available for everyone just yet, but it serves as a thrilling glimpse into the future of transportation. With continued development and regulatory advancements, the dream of personal flight might just become a reality sooner than we think.


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