Zach Wilson's Mom Reveals Quarterback's Silent Struggle During Jets vs. Dolphins Game

Zach Wilson's Mom Reveals Quarterback's Silent Struggle During Jets vs. Dolphins Game
Published 3 months ago on Dec 19, 2023

In a surprising revelation, Lisa Wilson, mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, disclosed that her son chose to endure considerable pain during Sunday's game against the Dolphins before finally indicating the severity of his condition to the coaching staff.

Wilson, who exited the game after just 22 snaps due to a head injury, was later placed in concussion protocol. Lisa Wilson shared in an Instagram story on Monday that the young quarterback had refrained from informing the coaching staff or medical team about the extent of his discomfort until issues with blurred vision and depth perception became alarming.

"Yesterday was a little bit rough, Zach took some really, really big hits, and he fought through it and really tried to just stay out on the field," Lisa Wilson revealed. "He didn’t want to go out, he didn’t want to stop playing — so he didn’t tell the sideline, the coaches, the trainers how he was really feeling and tried to just fight through it and be out there for his guys."

Zach Wilson's challenging day culminated in him being sacked four times before halftime, prompting his early exit from the game. Lisa Wilson explained that her son's determination to tough it out eventually gave way when blurred vision and depth perception issues intensified after one more blow to the head.

"Finally, after one more blow to the head, he really started having problems with blurred vision and his depth perception," Lisa Wilson stated. "He really started worrying that he was actually going to hurt his team if he stayed out there because his vision was not right, and you can't play like that."

Despite being named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week recently, Zach Wilson's turbulent season takes another turn. With the Christmas Eve game against the Commanders approaching, the Jets are left in suspense regarding their starting quarterback. Wilson must clear concussion protocol, including practicing on a limited basis and participating in a full practice, to be eligible for Sunday's game.

While there were speculations about Aaron Rodgers making a return from an Achilles injury, the likelihood appears slim, suggesting that backup QB Trevor Siemian may step in for Wilson, who was replaced in the last game after his early departure. The Jets, no longer in playoff contention, face uncertainties in their quarterback lineup for the upcoming crucial matchup.

Zach Wilson's Turnovers and Surgery in 2023:


As of today, October 27, 2023, Zach Wilson has thrown 14 interceptions and fumbled twice for a total of 16 turnovers in the 2023 NFL season. This puts him among the leading turnover quarterbacks in the league.


Zach Wilson did not undergo any surgery during the 2023 season. He missed three games in September due to a knee injury he sustained in Week 2 against the Denver Broncos. However, he recovered without the need for surgery and returned to starting in Week 5.

  • Wilson's struggles with turnovers have been a major concern for the New York Jets, contributing to their inconsistent record.
  • He has shown flashes of his potential but needs to improve ball security to lead the Jets to sustained success.

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