About Us

Showbizglow.com is a news website based on celebrity news.

ShowbizGlow was launched in 2021 with the slogan “forward with the people,” because that is what we believe in.

ShowbizGlow cares about the quality of life, the kind of world we live in, and about people. ShowbizGlow is  more than a news website. It is an instigator, an entertainer, a cultural reference point, a finger on the pulse and a daily relationship.

Politically, Showbizglow stands for ordinary working people looking to get on, building better lives for themselves and their families, regardless of where they grow up or which school they went to.


Our journalists are expected to work to the Editors’ Code of Practice, the industry benchmark for good journalism in the world.

Where readers have complaints or concerns about our reporting, ShowBizGlow has a robust procedure in place to ensure those complaints are taken seriously and dealt with with all deliberate speed. If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, you can email [email protected] or write to Editorial Complaints, ShowbizGlow, Sehit Erol Olcok Street, Albayrak Site, Uskudar, Istanbul.


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Digital Director (Editorial): Abdullah Teymur 
US Editor: Abdulkadir Teymur
Managing Editor: Leyla Teymur