8 Tips for Playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

8 Tips for Playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
Published 2 months ago on Oct 21, 2023

The opening hours of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are nothing short of spectacular, offering a cinematic gaming experience that mirrors a well-edited superhero movie. This PlayStation 5 exclusive is a visual masterpiece, and it's a game that you can sit back and immerse yourself in, much like watching a blockbuster film. However, even though it's massive in scale and ambition, it's not exclusive to elite players. Whether you're a dedicated fan of the Spider-Man franchise or just looking for fresh gaming experiences, there's something in it for everyone. 

Spider-Man 2 lets your hero soar through the air, as long as you start with enough momentum. MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN

Doug Sheahan, a senior programming director at Insomniac Games, the studio behind the game, emphasizes their commitment to ensuring that players, whether newcomers or longtime fans, have the tools and guidance they need to excel in this superhero role. If you're about to dive into the Spider-Man 2 adventure and want some useful tips, keep reading for advice from Doug Sheahan that will enhance your gaming experience. 

1. Tweak the Difficulty Levels 
Spider-Man 2 offers four difficulty levels: Friendly Neighborhood, Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular. Each level offers a different level of challenge. According to Doug Sheahan, choosing a higher difficulty setting means that enemies will be more formidable, dealing more damage and having faster reaction times. If you're new to the game or prefer a more manageable challenge, starting with Amazing is a good idea. You can adjust the difficulty at any time by going to the settings menu and selecting Gameplay. For players looking for a less challenging experience, especially younger or less experienced gamers, the Friendly Neighborhood setting provides a more forgiving experience with fewer situations where the hero can fail. 

2. Spread Your Web Wings 
Mastering Spider-Man's web wings is crucial to optimize your in-game speed. As Doug Sheahan advises, effectively using web wings is all about combining them with other mechanics. For maximum speed, swing high above the skyscrapers of New York City, dive toward the ground, and deploy your wingsuit to capture that exhilarating speed boost. Use your web-slinging abilities to regain height and maintain your momentum. Repeating this technique will make you feel like a true superhero in action. 

3. Perfect That Parry 
In Spider-Man 2, the defensive parry is an important addition to the combat mechanics. As Doug Sheahan points out, regular combat requires more engagement from the player. Knowing when to dodge and when to parry is crucial during fights with criminals and supervillains. While parrying is not as central to the game as some other titles, it's a valuable addition to the hero's arsenal, making the combat experience more dynamic and enjoyable. 

4. Flip Between Heroes 
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 introduces the ability to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. You can easily switch between the two heroes by swiping left on the touchpad and holding the square button. Each superhero offers a distinct gameplay experience. Peter Parker's combat style is more focused on single-target attacks, while Miles Morales excels in ranged combat. This duality enhances the game's depth and variety. 

The game has multiple skill trees to unlock abilities for Miles Morales and Peter Parker. MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN 2 VIA REECE ROGERS

5. Zip Around with Fast Travel 
Fast travel in Spider-Man 2 is exceptionally swift, enhancing the overall gaming experience. It allows you to traverse the city quickly without lengthy loading screens. However, unlocking fast travel is a gradual process. You'll gain access to fast travel after completing roughly half of the district's main objectives. While you'll need to be patient in the beginning, the convenience of fast travel in later stages of the game is well worth the effort. 

6. Then Slow It All Down 
If you ever find the game overwhelming or need more time to process in-game events, you can control the game's timescale. By adjusting the game speed settings in the Accessibility menu, you can slow down the game to 70 percent or 50 percent of its normal speed. This feature can be especially helpful during combat scenarios or when dealing with complex challenges. It offers a more relaxed and manageable gaming experience. 

7. Don’t Skip the Recap 
Whether you're returning to the game after a hiatus or playing for the first time, don't skip the recap available at the beginning of Spider-Man 2. This well-curated recap provides valuable insights into the game's storyline and character backgrounds. It's designed to ensure that players, regardless of their knowledge of superhero lore, can fully enjoy the game. According to Doug Sheahan, Spider-Man 2 offers a complete and self-contained story, so there's no need to be a multiverse expert to dive into the action. 

8. Check Out the Accessibility Options 
Spider-Man 2's accessibility settings offer a customizable gaming experience tailored to your preferences and needs. Some of the available options include high-contrast modes for improved visual clarity, a motion sensitivity setting to disable camera shakes, and an autocomplete feature for quick time events. Doug Sheahan also mentions that Insomniac plans to introduce additional accessibility options, such as a screen reader, by the end of the year. These options ensure that players of all abilities can enjoy the game to its fullest. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared to swing into action and enjoy the thrilling world of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the franchise, these insights will enhance your gaming experience and help you make the most of your time as the friendly neighborhood superhero.

I wish that my corner store had cat mascots wearing Spider-Man masks. MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN 2

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