Jennifer Lopez looks ageless in a towel in no-makeup video

Jennifer Lopez looks ageless in a towel in no-makeup video
Published 1 years ago on Mar 16, 2023

Ben Affleck definitely has her love.

The 53-year-old superstar first steppedc ouıt in the sweet style while shopping in Monaco in July 2021, and clearly it’s still a favorite.

The necklace has Affleck’s first name spelled out in capital letters, along with a small heart pendant.

“Just jumped out of the shower,” Lopez told viewers in the clip, clad in just the necklace and a towel.

The “Shotgun Wedding” star’s post highlighted her Jlo Beauty skincare line specifically, the That JIo Glow Brightning & Friming serum  ($79) which promises to “visibly firm and brighten the skin instantly and over time for that ultimate JLo Glow.”

However, followers were distracted, since she was literally wearing her heart on her chest.

“All I can see is the necklace BEN! 

” one fan commented.

“I love that Necklace. The heart hanging at the end of the name! Jen needs to ID her clothes and jewelry,” another wrote.

“Is it just the glow serum or could it also be the hot husband?” a third follower quipped. 

Some, however, took issue with the fact that the mom of two was promoting her skincare line while using an Instagram filter.

“I love JLO but this video is [sic] still has filter,” one called out.

“This woman will legit use a filter on her video and then try to hock a cheap skincare product as the reason for her ‘natural glow,’” another person pointed out.

This isn’t Lopez’s only piece of sentimental sparkle dedicated to her spouse; she’s also been spotted wearing a custom Jennifer Zeuner Betty Namelate Necklace (from $176) with “Jennifer & Ben” spelled out in script,, as well as a diamond ''Mrs.'' Necklace



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