Amanda Holden spanks her derriere and thanks Spanx

Amanda Holden spanks her derriere  and thanks Spanx
Published 1 years ago on Mar 15, 2023

Amanda Holden Flaunts Stylish Outfit and Thanks Spanx for "All In" Security.

In a delightful display of candor and style, Amanda Holden, the beloved ITV Britain's Got Talent star and host of Heart FM's breakfast show, treated fans to a glimpse of her fashionable ensemble on Wednesday. Holden, known for her impeccable fashion sense and charming personality, took to Instagram to share a snippet of her morning routine, showcasing not just her outfit but also offering a playful nod to her trusty Spanx.

The 52-year-old television personality, adorned in a chic plaid jacket and glasses, exuded confidence as she channeled her inner newsreader. With a touch of humor, Holden greeted her audience, remarking on her attire, "Hello and welcome to the news on Wednesday.... today I am wearing Kate Spade and I thought I looked a bit like an anchorwoman. So Kate Spade, Kate Spade, Kate Spade. And... spanx!"

Holden, a mother of two, didn't shy away from addressing the practicalities of her outfit choices. Pointing out her Spanx trousers, she emphasized their role in keeping her figure "all in" and maintaining a pert appearance. In a playful gesture, she even indulged in a light spank, all while wishing her audience a "Happy hump day."

This isn't the first time Holden has shared insights into her daily wardrobe selections. Just the day prior, she delighted fans with a vibrant green ensemble from Karen Millen. With her trademark charm, she quipped, "I'm wearing green. This fantastic outfit is from Karen Millen." Drawing attention to the attire's flattering features, she jokingly assured viewers, "But you're not worried about your cleavage."

Holden's fashion choices have been a topic of discussion throughout the week, starting with her eye-catching pink outfit at the beginning of the week. Ever attentive to detail, she remarked on the subtle gold hooks of her attire, showcasing her keen eye for style.

Beyond her sartorial flair, Holden's candid attitude towards fashion and body positivity has resonated with her audience. Her willingness to embrace her curves and share her wardrobe selections fosters a sense of inclusivity and relatability among fans. Whether she's donning bright colors or classic ensembles, Holden effortlessly captivates attention with her infectious charm and impeccable style.

As a prominent figure in both the entertainment and fashion spheres, Holden's influence extends beyond the screen, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their unique sense of style and celebrate their bodies with confidence. With each Instagram post and radio appearance, she continues to leave a lasting impression, proving that true beauty radiates from within, regardless of dress size or designer label.

As fans eagerly anticipate Holden's next fashion revelation, one thing remains certain: with her wit, charm, and impeccable style, she's sure to keep us all thoroughly entertained and inspired.


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