AEW All In 2023 Recap: Victors and Ratings from Wembley Stadium

AEW All In 2023 Recap: Victors and Ratings from Wembley Stadium
Published 10 months ago on Aug 28, 2023

This attendance figure trumped the records set by WWE SummerSlam 1992 and WWE WrestleMania 32, underscoring AEW's ascendancy. Among the attendees, Mercedes Mone (formerly Sasha Banks) graced the occasion, adding to the splendor of the AEW spectacle. The event revolved around the burgeoning camaraderie between MJF and Adam Cole, and while the night hosted a dual pair of matches, destiny seemed to conspire against the remaining Best Friends Forever, given the odds stacked against them.

The preliminary phase, Zero Hour, showcased Cole and MJF's bid to dethrone Aussie Open for the ROH Tag Team Championships, setting the stage for Cole's subsequent challenge to MJF for the prestigious AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Meanwhile, the charismatic Chris Jericho faced the fervent local favorite, Will Ospreay, while The Golden Elite, comprising Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, and Kota Ibushi, engaged in a thunderous six-man tag team clash with the formidable Bullet Club Gold.

The broadcast of AEW Dynamite in the same week garnered a substantial viewership of 870,000, affirming the fervor that AEW commands.

AEW All In 2023 Results | August 27, 2023

  1. MJF and Adam Cole triumph over Aussie Open, securing the ROH Tag Team Championships
  2. Hook overcomes Jack Perry, clinching the FTW Championship
  3. CM Punk emerges victorious against Samoa Joe, asserting his claim to the Real World’s Championship
  4. Bullet Club Gold prevails over Bullet Club Elite in a monumental showdown
  5. FTR defeats The Young Bucks, claiming the AEW World Tag Team Championship
  6. Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, Penta El Zero M, Eddie Kingston, and Ortiz seize victory in the exhilarating Stadium Stampede Match
  7. Saraya outshines Toni Storm, Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida, etching her name as the AEW Women’s Title holder
  8. Sting And Allin conquer Strickland And Christian Cage in an electrifying Coffin Match
  9. Will Ospreay emerges triumphant against Chris Jericho, solidifying his stature
  10. AEW Dynamite Ratings
  • August 23, 2023: 870,000
  • August 16, 2023: 874,000
  • August 9, 2023: 846,000
  • August 2, 2023: 894,000
  • July 26, 2023: 898,000

AEW All In 2023 Ticket Sales

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AEW All In 2023 Venue: Wembley Stadium (London, England)

AEW All In 2023 Tickets Distributed: A total of 81,285 tickets were distributed, with 81,035 confirmed as paid attendees.

AEW All In 2023 Victors and Ratings

  1. MJF And Adam Cole Outshine Aussie Open (Zero Hour)
    • The anticipation for the Kangaroo Kick resonated fervently among London's crowd.
    • Aussie Open's early attack on MJF and Adam Cole added a layer of intensity, generating instant heat.
    • A momentary lapse by MJF led to Aussie Open's recovery and disruption of his maneuver.
    • A resounding cheer erupted as MJF executed a double Kangaroo Kick, marking a pivotal moment of the evening. The match concluded with MJF and Cole securing victory via a Double Clothesline.
    • Notably, Mercedes Mone graced the AEW All In event.

Grade for MJF and Cole vs. Aussie Open: B+

  1. Hook Overpowers Jack Perry
    • Hook showcased attire reminiscent of Clockwork Orange, while Jack Perry made a grand entrance in a limousine.
    • A spot on the limousine's front window led to Perry's retort, "real glass, cry me a river!" The pre-match tension escalated to a physical altercation between Punk and Perry, just before Punk's entrance.
    • Jungle Boy teased a Van Terminator but refrained, opting instead to signal his defiance toward Wembley Stadium.
    • Both competitors sustained injuries, causing them to bleed.

Grade for Hook vs. Jack Perry: B-

  1. CM Punk Prevails Against Samoa Joe
    • CM Punk received resounding cheers, with fans even singing along to his theme. A similar reception greeted Samoa Joe, although mixed with audible boos as the match progressed.
    • A masterful counter by Punk thwarted a top-rope move by Samoa Joe, leading to Punk executing a tornado DDT. Joe countered by evading a dive to the outside.
    • The match witnessed CM Punk's transition into a heel persona, which included an homage to Hulk Hogan as well as emulating John Cena's comeback, with a nod to Terry Funk.
    • Punk's head crashing through a table resulted in a bleeding wound. The captivating encounter was highlighted by innovative tributes and maneuvers.

Grade for CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe: B+

  1. Bullet Club Gold Triumphs Over The Golden Elite
    • The entrance of Takeshita and Don Callis was complemented by an AI art rendering.
    • Curiously, Kenny Omega omitted his grand ring introduction by Justin Roberts; however, the crowd's rendition of "oh Kenny Omega!" filled the void.
    • A commentary exchange encapsulated the officiating uncertainty, mirroring AEW's dynamic. The match was characterized by ambiguity over legal participants.
    • Intriguingly, reports emerged of a clash between CM Punk and Jack Perry preceding Punk's match at AEW All In, possibly aiming to seize the spotlight.
    • Takeshita's astonishing pin of Kenny Omega culminated in a surprising and subdued finish that resonated with the colossal audience.

Grade for Golden Elite vs. Bullet Club Elite: B

  1. FTR Secures Victory Over The Young Bucks
    • Midway through FTR vs. Young Bucks, the passionate audience erupted in chants of "fight forever," testament to the match's allure.
    • A peculiar instance transpired when Dax's delayed intervention hindered a pinfall breakup after a BTE Trigger, prompting Nick Jackson's intervention.
    • Post-match, FTR extended a handshake, which the Young Bucks declined, amplifying the animosity between the dueling teams.

Grade for FTR vs. The Young Bucks: A

  1. Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, Kingston, Penta El Zero M, and Ortiz Triumph in Stadium Stampede Match
    • The Blackpool Combat Club's entrance, characterized by black trenchcoats and sunglasses, added an air of mystique.
    • Nigel McGuinness playfully referred to Bryan Danielson as "brittle Danielson," hinting at an intriguing in-ring return.
    • Jon Moxley's remarkable resilience was showcased as he absorbed a barbed-wired bat shot from Trent, demonstrating his grit.
    • The arrival of Sue driving her van into Wembley triggered jubilant cheers, with chants of "Sue!" resounding throughout. Sue's contribution bolstered Trent with a cookie-filled cookie sheet.
    • Penta's transformation into "Penta Oscura" and his subsequent high-impact move demonstrated his renewed vigor.
    • Despite challenges, a bloodied Orange Cassidy clinched victory over Jon Moxley with a series of Orange Punches.

Grade for Stadium Stampede Match: B+

  1. Saraya Triumphs in Women’s Fatal 4-Way
    • Saraya's entrance, accompanied by her family and Queen's "We Will Rock You," set an electrifying tone. Toni Storm's entrance, styled as American icon Marilyn Monroe, added a touch of glamour.
    • A poignant exchange saw Saraya and Storm embrace before tensions flared, resulting in a brawl fueled by fan support.
    • Ruby Soho's intervention aimed to prevent Storm from injuring Saraya, yet she found herself on the receiving end of Storm's aggression.
    • Saraya emerged victorious, capturing the audience's hearts with her triumphant night Cap.

Grade for Women’s Fatal 4-Way: B-

  1. Strickland And Christian Cage Vs. Darby Allin And Sting
    • Swerve Strickland's entrance accompanied by Flash Garments and DJ Whoo Kid signaled his grand arrival. Sting and Darby's entrance to Metallica's "Seek and Destroy" resonated with WCW nostalgia.
    • Sting's leg dropp through a table on Swerve Strickland marked a memorable moment, invoking Tony Schiavone's ecstatic reaction.
    • Intriguingly, Luchasaurus intervened, chokeslamming Nick Wayne on a skateboard, only to carry Wayne backstage.
    • Darby Allin's audacious Coffin dropp onto the coffin, with Swerve moving aside, underscored the match's high-stakes intensity.
    • The Coffin Match's climax saw Darby Allin's perseverance culminate in victory, despite Swerve's hair protruding from the coffin.

Grade for Coffin Match: B

  1. Will Ospreay Conquers Chris Jericho
    • Chris Jericho's entrance featured "Judas," enhancing the electrifying atmosphere. A captivating LED tunnel with "Demo God" graphics accentuated the spectacle.
    • The encounter, although slightly shorter than anticipated, featured a plethora of exhilarating sequences.
    • Post-match, Sammy Guevara's consolation attempt was met with Jericho's defiant rejection, culminating in Jericho's exit.
    • A global record of 81,035 paid attendees was officially acknowledged by Nigel McGuinness, a testament to AEW's reach and impact.

Grade for Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho: B+

AEW All In 2023 encapsulated a night of exhilarating triumphs, dramatic encounters, and surprises, solidifying AEW's reputation as a powerhouse in the world of professional wrestling. The fervor exhibited by the fans, coupled with the outstanding performances of the athletes, culminated in an unforgettable spectacle at Wembley Stadium.


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