AI-Generated Virtual Clone Earns Adult Performer $20,000 Monthly

AI-Generated Virtual Clone Earns Adult Performer $20,000 Monthly
Published 7 months ago on Sep 11, 2023

Meet Sika Moon, a 28-year-old model hailing from Berlin, who has harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) to create a digital replica of herself. This virtual clone has proven immensely popular, engaging with thousands of fans in the digital realm. 

Despite five years industry experience, the model's virtual clone is gaining far more traction than she herself ever did, with Sika now in the top one per cent of Fanvue earners in the UK

Despite her five years of experience in the adult entertainment industry, Sika's virtual counterpart has eclipsed her own success, catapulting her into the top one percent of Fanvue earners in the UK. 

Remarkably, Sika embraces this new facet of her career as her "virtual girlfriend" project enables her to explore creativity in ways previously unattainable within the adult industry. 

"After five years of working in the adult entertainment industry, I got bored of the repetitive and uncreative work in this business," Sika revealed to MailOnline. "I decided to get back to creating art - and got fascinated by the potential of AI-supported art creation." 

Using AI tools, she recreated herself into the idealized version she had always envisioned, a perpetually perfect and seductive persona with a touch of her own personality. 

Sika emphasizes that her virtual clone is grounded in her "real face and body," considering it an integral part of herself. She clarified, "She's a part of me. And I love her!" 

Fans can access Sika's content and engage with her for a monthly fee of $10.99 (£8.82) on Fanvue. Subscribers also have the option to request custom content, often of surprisingly "normal" nature, rather than explicit material. 

Users can view Sika's content and 'chat with her' for $10.99 (£8.82) a month, although messages are primarily generated by AI 

This trend comes amid a surge in AI-generated companions, some charging as much as $1 (80p) per minute for "erotic discourse." In certain cases, individuals prioritize their virtual connections over human relationships to fulfill unmet sexual desires. 

The AI model industry is rapidly expanding, with countless virtual characters populating platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Sika believes this is only the beginning for the AI creator economy. 

Sika frequently employs the tool 'Anydream' to craft her virtual alter ego. This image creation platform employs both photographic and text prompts to generate realistic images of characters, whether male, female, or non-binary. 

However, the platform has sparked controversy due to its inclusion of "bad body" and "gross proportions" as negative default prompts, as well as "cute feminine Lolita dress" among the positive prompts, a reference to a concerning novel involving adult obsession with a young girl. 

Psychologist Dr. Catherine Hallissey warns that developers must exercise greater caution and avoid promoting harmful and inappropriate beauty standards, as unrealistic portrayals of beauty can adversely affect self-esteem and body image. 

It's important to note that neither Sika nor Fanvue are affiliated with Anydream in any capacity and were unaware of these prompts. 

A spokesperson for Anydream clarified that some of the terms mentioned are in the negative prompt, indicating they are not desired. They also noted that in some regions, the term "Lolita" refers to a popular female fashion style without the negative connotations. 

The AI model is in the top 1% of earners on the site in the UK (Image: Sika Moon)

Psychologist Dr Catherine Hallissey told MailOnline: 'Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about what they feel are flaws in their appearance. These supposed flaws are often not noticeable to others.  

'Usually the person is preoccupied by their appearance and spends a lot of time trying to conceal these perceived flaws, for example through working on make-up, hair and clothes.  

'The amount of time spent worrying about and concealing flaws can significantly affect daily life and social relationships. It can lead to depression, self harm and thoughts of suicide. It affects both men and women and is most common in teenagers and young adults. 

'Clothes shopping tends to be a challenge for people who suffer from body dysmorphia as it involves looking at yourself in a mirror to evaluate your appearance. 

'Working with an qualified therapist with experience in body dysmorphia is highly recommended. Chatting to your GP about whether medication is warranted would also be beneficial.  

'Learning more about body dysmorphia and joining a support group can help with the feelings of overwhelm and isolation. Taking care of yourself through exercise, healthy food, good sleep along with anxiety management strategies should form the core of your wellness plan.'


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