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Amanda Holden, Ashley Roberts, and Myleene Klass Shine at Global's Make Some Noise Charity Gala

Amanda Holden, Ashley Roberts, and Myleene Klass Shine at Global's Make Some Noise Charity Gala
Published 4 months ago on Nov 22, 2023

Amanda Holden, along with Ashley Roberts and Myleene Klass, took center stage at the highly anticipated Global's Make Some Noise charity gala, held at The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square. The trio led a star-studded array of attendees, showcasing both glamour and philanthropy on Tuesday evening.

Glamour: (L-R)Amanda Holden, 54, joined Ashley Roberts, 42, and Myleene Klass, 45, as they led thescantily-cladg arrivals at Global's star-studded Make Some Noise charity gala at The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square on Tuesday evening

Amanda Holden, a distinguished judge on Britain's Got Talent at 54, captivated attention in a striking semi-sheer black gown. The dress featured daring cutouts and a plunging neckline, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her carefully chosen lingerie. The gown, adorned with a dramatic train and a thigh-high split, elegantly displayed Amanda's long, toned legs as she confidently strode down the red carpet.

Meanwhile, Ashley Roberts, 42, opted for an equally eye-catching ensemble that left little to the imagination. Her saucy lace dress boasted an asymmetrical neckline, revealing one bare breast. The attention-grabbing gown also featured a high neckline, puff sleeves, and a strategically placed sequined flower embellishment to maintain modesty.

Adding to the glamour of the evening was Myleene Klass, 45, who embraced a blue sequined gown. The thigh-high split added a touch of allure, sparkling under the event's dazzling lights. Myleene, a radio DJ, accessorized with statement earrings, exuding confidence despite going braless beneath the cut-out dress.

The charity gala, organized to raise funds for Global's Make Some Noise, aims to support disadvantaged children, young people, and their families across the UK. The attendees, adorned in their glamorous ensembles, contributed to the charitable cause with both their presence and generous donations.

Amanda Holden's commitment to the charity's mission was particularly noteworthy. Earlier in the month, she embarked on a series of grueling challenges to raise funds. These challenges included a heart-pounding 13,000ft skydive and a daring ascent of Blackpool Tower, all while presenting her breakfast show. The five-day endurance event, named "Race Against Time," required Amanda and her co-host Ashley to complete various challenges within a tight one-hour timeframe each day. Navigating the Thames River in a yellow kayak was among the challenging tasks they faced.

The event showcased the determination and dedication of the celebrities involved, pushing their physical limits to contribute to the charitable initiatives. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Amanda Holden's tandem jump with The Wings Parachute Display Team, known for their awe-inspiring aerial displays, added an extra layer of excitement to the charity's efforts.

In essence, the Make Some Noise charity gala proved to be a perfect blend of star-studded elegance and heartfelt philanthropy. The attendees, including Amanda Holden, Ashley Roberts, and Myleene Klass, not only graced the red carpet with their dazzling presence but also played an active role in supporting a noble cause. As the evening unfolded, it became a testament to the power of combining glamour with genuine efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Hot stuff: The BGT judge sent temperatures soaring as she slipped into a semi-sheer black bodysuit which boasted with racy cut outs and a plunging neckline to reveal her lingerie beneath

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Where can I watch Make Some Noise Season 1?

Make Some Noise Season 1 is also available to stream on The season consists of 10 episodes that were released on October 7, 2022.

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Make Some Noise has featured a number of celebrity cameos, including:

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Make Some Noise is an improvised comedy musical game show that premiered on October 7, 2022 on the streaming service The show is hosted by Brennan Lee Mulligan and features a team of improvisers who compete to create the best original song based on a given prompt.


Each episode of Make Some Noise features a number of original songs. The songs are typically about 90 seconds long and are written in a variety of genres, including pop, rock, country, and hip hop.

Dropout is a subscription streaming service that features comedy and gaming content. The service was founded in 2019 by CollegeHumor co-founders Elliott Kalan and Ricky Van Veen.


The lyrics to the songs on Make Some Noise are typically written by the improvisers themselves. The lyrics are often funny and absurd, and they often reference the prompt that the improvisers were given.

Watch Online Free

Make Some Noise is not currently available to watch online for free. However, you can sign up for a free trial of to watch the first three episodes of the first season.

Where to Watch

Make Some Noise is available to stream on The service is available on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and Roku and Fire TV devices.


Make Some Noise is a fast-paced and hilarious show that is sure to please fans of improvisational comedy. The show is also a great way to discover new music, as the improvisers are always coming up with new and creative songs.

Beastie Boys Make Some Noise

The song "Make Some Noise" by the Beastie Boys is not related to the Make Some Noise game show. However, the song is a fitting title for the show, as it is all about making noise and having fun.

Make Some Noise CollegeHumor

Make Some Noise is produced by CollegeHumor, a production company that is known for its funny and creative videos. CollegeHumor has been producing content since 2005, and it has a large and loyal following.


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