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Amanda Holden displays her beauty in Heart FM studios

Amanda Holden displays her beauty in Heart FM studios
Published 1 months ago on Apr 09, 2024

London, UK - April 8, 2024 -Amanda Holden Gets Naked for Heart Breakfast Show Life Drawing Session (But Jamie Theakston Wasn't a Fan).

Amanda Holden, known for her confidence and stunning figure, took things to a whole new level on Monday's Heart Breakfast Show. The 53-year-old radio presenter surprised listeners and co-hosts alike by stripping completely naked for a live life drawing session.

The segment saw Amanda shed her clothes in the studio, putting her entire physique on display for artists and her co-hosts, Jamie Theakston and Ashley Roberts, to use as a model. As she dropped her trousers on air, Jamie, with a touch of humor, acknowledged the unusual situation: "Slightly distracting... Amanda's in the corner of the studio without any clothes on - which is a first not for her of course - but the rest of us."

Ashley, ever the supportive colleague, chimed in with a more enthusiastic response: "She looks amazing!" Amanda seemed genuinely pleased with the final artwork, showcasing the results of her recent Maldivian vacation with her family.

Fresh from a luxurious family break at the LUX South Ari Atoll resort, Amanda was likely eager to flaunt her sun-kissed tan. Social media followers were treated to a glimpse of the idyllic getaway through a series of holiday highlights shared on her Instagram.


Island Paradise: Luxury and Relaxation

The clips featured Amanda looking radiant in a £120 orange bikini from Melissa Odabash, enjoying moments of serenity on a palm tree swing. Family time was a key theme, with photos featuring her lookalike daughters Lexi (18) and Hollie (12).

This wasn't their first trip to the island paradise; a "welcome back" sign greeted them upon arrival at their stunning water villa. These luxurious accommodations, costing over £1,200 per night, boast idyllic ocean views, private infinity pools, and even in-villa cinema experiences with drop-down projectors.


Amanda further showcased her ageless beauty in a photo where she sported a chic purple silk dress while enjoying a refreshing drink. Her caption expressed her satisfaction with the "lovely staff" and "incredible food" at the LUX South Ari Atoll resort.

Earlier glimpses of the vacation on Monday showcased Amanda's toned physique in a vibrant red bikini. She playfully struck poses while paddling in the turquoise water and later donned a sunhat and flip-flops for a bike ride. The caption accompanying these posts reflected her love for spending quality time with family.


Unfiltered Beauty and Fan Appreciation

Amanda's commitment to body positivity garnered praise on social media. She briefly shared seemingly unfiltered bikini photos on Sunday before deleting them. These unedited shots, featuring her in a navy blue bikini, were lauded by fans who appreciated the "more normal" and "real" portrayal of her figure.

While the reasoning behind removing these photos remains unclear, the episode on Heart Breakfast surely provided a memorable, and undoubtedly conversation-starting, moment for listeners.


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