Amanda Holden flaunts her toned legs in a revealing leather mini-skirt

Amanda Holden flaunts her toned legs in a revealing leather mini-skirt
Published 11 months ago on May 22, 2023

The daring outfit choice caught attention as Amanda posted behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories, showcasing her seductive pose.

In one pose, Amanda confidently sat down, placing her long and toned pins on the desk in front of her. However, her skirt rose up to a point where it almost revealed more than intended, creating a daring moment.

Undeterred by the close call, Amanda later shared a video on Instagram, revealing the details of her outfit. She greeted her followers, expressing her joy about the recent weekend events and her involvement in them. Amanda showcased her ensemble, featuring a stunning blouse from Reiss with deep cuffs, paired with a pleather skirt from Sosander.

This attention-grabbing fashion moment comes on the heels of Amanda's appearance at the Coronation Concert, where she dazzled in a vibrant pink suit. The star walked the red carpet at Windsor Castle, joining other artists like Katy Perry and Take That. The event, hosted by Hugh Bonneville, celebrated the coronation of King Charles III.

Prior to the concert, Amanda enjoyed a family afternoon tea at The Ivy cafe in Richmond to commemorate the crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. She posed alongside her look-alike daughters Lexi and Hollie for a cherished photo, sharing the moment on her Instagram.

Amanda's bold fashion choices and stylish presence continue to captivate fans and industry peers alike. With her daring leather skirt pose and striking pink suit, she proves once again that she knows how to make a lasting impression.


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