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As Graham Norton prepares to present Eurovision for the 14th year running... who IS his moviemaker husband Jonathan 'Jono' McLeod and will he join him in Liverpool?

As Graham Norton prepares to present Eurovision for the 14th year running... who IS his moviemaker husband Jonathan 'Jono' McLeod and will he join him in Liverpool?
Published 1 years ago on May 12, 2023

And ahead of his 14th year of presenting the show, having taken over from Terry Wogan in 2009, we take a look at Graham's husband of one year. 

Jonathan 'Jono' McLeod is an esteemed Scottish filmmaker and the couple tied the knot in July last year, having met six years previously.

Having drawn together a slew of stars for their glamorous Irish wedding, the couple have remained blissfully happy ever since and while it is yet unknown if he will be at Eurovision flying the flag, there's a chance he will be in the crowd.  

So who is Graham's husband Jono? 



Graham and Jono tied the knot in Bantry House in Ireland in July last year, having opted for an Irish wedding to accommodate the former's mother Rhoda Walker. 

The lavish do was held in his native west Cork with 120 guests in attendance with a rumoured performance from music icon Lulu while drag queen Panti Bliss DJed. 

At the time, Graham revealed: 'I got married this year and we had our wedding party near to where my mother lives in Ireland just so she could come. 

'She wouldn't have been well enough to come to London so West Cork it was. And it made me very happy.'

Speaking about their marriage, Graham went on: 'It's good so far, it would be awful if it wasn't at this stage, just a few months in, I'd like to think that even I could manage a few months.

'I'm from that generation of gays who assumed it was never going to be on the cards. So, one, it's extraordinary that it can happen, I mean, I never gave up hope of finding the one. If it was a surprise, it was a pleasant surprise.'


Jono is a moviemaker, who has been recognised by BAFTA Scotland for his work. 

Last year, he released My Old School, a film about a former classmate, played by Alan Cumming with cartoon flashbacks and documentary details. 

In the movie, he recalls the stranger-than-fiction tale of Brian MacKinnon, 32, who, back in 1993, managed to dupe an entire school of teachers and pupils to not only enrol, but excel, at Glasgow’s Bearsden Academy. 

In an interview for online magazine Queerty, Jono described his school days at Bearsden Academy, Glasgow, saying: 'My experience was going to that school, keeping my head down, trying not to get bullied...

'Trying not to get anyone finding out my secret – which was that I was a 16-year-old gay boy who desperately didn't want anyone to know that.' 

Speaking about his future after the movie, he said: 'At the moment we're just focusing on the cinema, and I really want people to experience it in the cinema, because there's just something really special about seeing it with a crowd of people - and especially if they go to see it with their old high school mates.

'There's something about what's in this film, and it's not necessarily about Brandon Lee, but there's something that takes viewers back to that place and time, and a lot of people have been coming up to me and saying, 'Oh my God, that takes me back to my high school years', as a result of watching the film. That's been really special.'


Graham, who is worth an eye-watering £24million, remains private about his current relationship but he dated Trevor Patterson from 2011-2013.

Speaking about their relationship after the split, Trevor said he was competing with  the television presenter’s affections were the other constant presence in his life: Norton’s two dogs, a labradoodle called Bailey and a terrier called Madge.

In 2013, he said: ‘There were four of us in the partnership.’

He claimed the comedian treats his dogs like the children he never had. ‘Frankly, he’d do anything for those animals. They mean the world to him and were always his first love . . . in some ways he put them before me.’

Following his split from Trevor, he then went out with marketing consultant Andrew Smith, before they split in 2015 and he met Jono.


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