'Barbie' Review: Margot Robbie's Mattel Movie Fails to Impress

'Barbie' Review: Margot Robbie's Mattel Movie Fails to Impress
Published 9 months ago on Jul 20, 2023

Directed and co-written by arthouse filmmaker Greta Gerwig, known for her outstanding work on "Lady Bird" and "Little Women," alongside co-writer Noah Baumbach, the movie falls short of expectations and lacks a compelling storyline.

Despite an extensive marketing campaign and a yearlong barrage of Mattel propaganda, the actual film turns out to be a disappointment. From pop-up cafes to viral Instagram filters, the promotion built up a summer of excitement around Barbie's big-screen debut. However, once the movie hit theaters, it became clear that it lacked substance.

"Barbie" follows the adventures of the iconic doll as she embarks on a journey outside Barbie Land, a utopian world filled with diverse Barbies and Kens. The story attempts to tackle feminism and equal rights issues but falls flat with smug moral platitudes and intellectual jokes. Unfortunately, the characters fail to resonate with the audience, leaving viewers feeling unsatisfied.

The film's attempts at humor often come at the expense of character and plot development, leaving many viewers unimpressed. The writing appears lazy, with several plot holes and bizarre scenes that add confusion rather than depth. While the art direction is visually appealing, the storytelling lacks the heart and creativity seen in other successful stranger-in-a-strange-land films like "Pleasantville" or "Elf."

"Barbie" also struggles to stand out in the realm of toy-based movies, as it fails to match the heart, comedy, and creativity seen in "The Lego Movie."

Although the visuals may be attractive, the film's overall execution leaves much to be desired. It feels like a shallow attempt to capitalize on the social media age, where capturing the perfect poster photo seems more important than delivering a meaningful and enjoyable cinematic experience.

In conclusion, "Barbie" may have generated excitement with its marketing, but the movie ultimately fails to live up to the hype. Margot Robbie's portrayal of the iconic doll couldn't save the film from its lackluster storytelling and underdeveloped characters. As viewers, we can't help but feel let down by the "Barbie" movie, which lacked the substance and heart that audiences expect from a film with such a beloved and influential character at its center.


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