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Below Deck’s Captain Sandy fires yet another crew member as fans left up in arms

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy fires yet another crew member as fans left up in arms
Published 1 years ago on Feb 24, 2023

Below Deck fans are up in arms after Captain Sandy axed yet another member of the crew. 

Sandy has been filling in for Captain Lee on the hit Bravo reality show as he takes some time to recuperate after suffering mobility issues. 

She made waves earlier this series, sacking Camille Lamb from the show a month ago – and now she’s up to her old tricks again, forcing fans to say goodbye to Alissa Humber.

This week, Captain Sandy caught steward Alissa sunbathing rather than helping her colleague Tyler and immediately reprimanded her.

But Alissa’s response had Sandy’s hackles up, as she said: “Yes Sandy. I mean captain.”

In the tense episode, Sandy fumed it was a “f**k you in my face”, and carted Alissa off to the bridge as she ranted: “Your insubordination and lack of respect is insurmountable. No matter what job you work in, respect for hierarchy is a must.

“I’m letting you go.”

Alissa was forced to pack her bags, and likened Sandy’s rule to a “dictatorship” – but Sandy insisted that her disrespect would “kill” the charter.

She later warned the crew: “You have to respect the hierarchy and the position.

“I don't like malicious gossip, it starts to infect the vessel. And I guarantee you will have lighter steps, you won't have that chatter. And I know together you will kill this charter.”

But fans were left fuming by the decision, as one turned to Twitter to say: “She had Alissa escorted off the boat. I’m tired of Sandy! Bring back Captain Lee!”

Another agreed: “I truly believe if Captain Lee was on that boat, Alissa wouldn’t have had a problem with him and he wouldn’t have had a problem with Alissa.”

Others, however, thought the decision was a rational one after Alissa’s “disrespect”, as one fumed: “Can anyone tell me why Alissa acts as if she’s above everyone else? She’s NOT a guest on the yacht, she’s the help!”

Another agreed: “Alissa is the worst stew in Below Deck history, she is so disres.

Meanwhile, Captain Lee revealed he wasn’t even aware of the managerial decision, confirming during a live-Tweet that he “found out after”.

He agreed that he would still “have fired” Alissa, but “prior to that I would have notified the Captain who I was replacing what I was doing and why, not after the fact.”


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