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Olivia Young Shows Off Stunning Black Lace Lingerie

 Olivia Young Shows Off Stunning Black Lace Lingerie
Published 6 months ago on Oct 15, 2023

After facing a potential eviction on the latest episode, Olivia Young's stunning appearance in revealing black lace lingerie captured the attention of fans. 

Olivia Young was saved from eviction on Big BrotherCredit: Model Management UK/thegirlwhotakespicsphotography

During Friday night's episode of the reality series, Olivia found herself among the nominees for eviction. The suspense ran high as viewers across the country voted to determine who would be the first to leave the show. In a surprising turn of events, 50-year-old Farida Khalifa from Wolverhampton was chosen for eviction, sparing Olivia from leaving the Big Brother house. 

This recent episode was not without its intriguing moments. Olivia Young opened up about an unexpected cosmetic procedure she underwent, a surprising revelation given her young age of 23. During a candid conversation with fellow housemates, Olivia touched her forehead and expressed her concerns, saying, "I used to have, like, line, line, line, line." Her conversation partner, Kerry, inquired, "Even when your forehead was resting?" 

Olivia explained, "No, no, no, but as soon as my eyebrows went up." This conversation led to a discussion about beauty treatments among different generations. Farida, reflecting on her era, emphasized that procedures like Botox were uncommon among individuals in their 20s. She commented, "I don't know about when you were growing up, but girls my age, in their 20s, Botox... there was no such thing as all this." 

During this discussion, Olivia Young argued against the perception that social media was solely responsible for the surge in beauty treatments among young people. She countered, "I don't even think it's social media. It's any beauty treatment, your nails..." The conversation touched on the evolving perspectives on beauty enhancement among different age groups. 

As the show progresses, Olivia Young's journey in the Big Brother house continues to be a source of fascination and discussion among viewers. Her ability to captivate the audience with her experiences and insights remains a key aspect of her presence on the show. 

The suspense and unexpected revelations on Big Brother keep the audience eagerly awaiting the next episode, where they can follow Olivia Young's adventures and interactions with fellow housemates. Stay tuned for more drama, surprises, and memorable moments on ITV2's Big Brother.

Earlier in the week Olivia opened up about Botox she had on her forehead

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