Dua Lipa Faces Third Lawsuit Over 'Levitating' as Producer Alleges Unlicensed 'Talk Box' Sample

 Dua Lipa Faces Third Lawsuit Over 'Levitating' as Producer Alleges Unlicensed 'Talk Box' Sample
Published 2 months ago on Aug 02, 2023

Deepening the Legal Cadence: A Comprehensive Look into the Bosko Kante vs. Dua Lipa & Warner Music Lawsuit 

In the world of music, where creativity and innovation intertwine, legal disputes over intellectual property rights have become an intricate symphony. The recent lawsuit filed by music producer Bosko Kante against pop sensation Dua Lipa and her record label Warner Music has unleashed a whirlwind of legal complexities, offering a backstage pass to the challenges artists face in safeguarding their creative contributions in the digital age. 

Unveiling the Lawsuit's Melody 

The crux of the lawsuit, elegantly transcribed in the federal court filing on July 31, casts a spotlight on Kante's allegations that his meticulously crafted 'talk box' recording was surreptitiously employed in a series of remixes for the chart-topping hit "Levitating." This enchanting song by Dua Lipa took the world by storm, but beneath its musical allure lies a legal crescendo. Kante contends that his artistic efforts were exploited without due authorization in various remixes, including the rendition featuring rap luminary DaBaby. 

Kante's legal team, the orchestra of this legal composition, has fervently contended that prior to resorting to litigation, earnest endeavors were made to orchestrate a harmonious resolution. Yet, their notes fell on deaf ears, as Dua Lipa's representatives and Warner Music Group allegedly displayed reluctance to engage in a concerto of cooperation and acknowledgment.

Innovative Overture: The ElectroSpit Talkbox 

Integral to this legal overture is Kante's revolutionary invention - the ElectroSpit talkbox. As the maestro behind this marvel, Kante's prowess as co-founder and CEO resonates across the music landscape. The talkbox, akin to an artist's paintbrush, empowers musicians to reimagine instrumental sounds using their mouths, thereby forging a distinct auditory tapestry. Notably, Kante's mastery in employing the talkbox has earned him accolades for enriching the compositions of luminaries like Kanye West and Big Boi. 

Verbal Agreement's Harmonic Strain and Remix Conundrum 

At the core of Kante's legal sonata lies a verbal agreement he contends he struck with Stephen Kozmeniuk, a producer entwined with the song "Levitating." The narrative of this agreement, elegantly penned in the annals of 2014, suggests that Kante's 'talk box' virtuosity was enlisted for the original version of the song. However, Kante claims that this pact did not extend its sonorous embrace to the subsequent remixes that danced onto the scene after the song's initial release.

It's this rift between the original agreement's lyrical notes and the remixes' harmonious blend that constitutes the lawsuit's melodic conflict. Kante's legal score underscores that all three remixes, including the renditions harmonized with The Blessed Madonna featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott, and the DaBaby-infused version, wove substantial fragments of his 'talk box' composition without the requisite nod of authorization. 

An Enigmatic Silence Prevails 

While legal notes resound with fervor, Dua Lipa's camp and Warner Music Group have opted for a silence that echoes across the musical realm. The absence of any official communiqué from these stakeholders has lent a symphonic suspense to the unfolding legal opus, leaving industry pundits and fans alike in a state of harmonic anticipation.

Navigating Through Previous Legal Overtures 

Interestingly, this lawsuit isn't the first stanza in "Levitating's" legal anthology. A prior copyright battle saw Dua Lipa and Warner Records emerge victorious against a copyright claim lodged by reggae ensemble Artikal Sound System. However, the Bosko Kante lawsuit introduces an unprecedented movement to the musical narrative, adding fresh layers of intrigue to the legal odyssey surrounding the song. 

As this legal concert unfurls, the global music community maintains a collective ear to the ground. The lawsuit serves as a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of transparent agreements, diligent authorization processes, and the guardianship of intellectual property rights in a digital age where music is shared, sampled, and remixed with lightning speed. The cadence of this legal crescendo will indubitably reverberate through the corridors of the music industry, shaping its future harmonies and resonating with creators for generations to come..


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