Elon Musk Implements Controversial Changes to Combat Twitter Spam Bots

Elon Musk Implements Controversial Changes to Combat Twitter Spam Bots
Published 1 years ago on Jun 13, 2023

The upcoming update, set to roll out this week, will prevent millions of non-paying users from messaging individuals who do not follow them back. Musk emphasized the growing challenge of distinguishing between AI bots and genuine users on the platform, leading to the decision to tighten restrictions. This change follows Twitter's recent implementation of a message limit of 500 per day to alleviate strain on the platform's infrastructure. 

Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the impending update, expressing his concerns about the blurring lines between scams and authentic accounts. Musk tweeted, "Hopefully releasing the updat this week. As I've said many times, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between AI bots. Soon, it will be impossible. The only 'social networks' that survive will be those that require verification. The payment system is a means of verification that increases bot cost by ~10,000X." 

Under the new policy, the ability to message non-followers and participate in group chats will be restricted to paying users. This change is also in line with Twitter Blue, the platform's subscription service, which comes at an annual cost of £100.80 ($84) for web users and £114.99 ($114.99) for iPhone users. 

While some have praised the efforts to combat bots, critics argue that this move could create a divide between those who can afford the subscription and those who cannot. The concern is that it may undermine Twitter's vision of being an open "digital town square," a goal Musk had emphasized following his takeover of the platform. 

One user pointed out, "Twitter's not really at the point where it's a worthy service for eight bucks a month yet. That definitely dashes the whole town square dynamic. Maybe one day, but there's a lot left to hammer out just yet. Online games have the same issue - the bots are willing to pay to play." 

Another user suggested an alternative approach, stating, "This would make it totally impossible for non-blue people to DM each other over Twitter. Better solution: allow if both DM each other (or have in the past). That way, we can exchange Twitter handles (via some other medium) and set up communication." 

There are speculations that the daily DM limit of 500 for non-paying users might be further reduced in the future. Tech leaker Alessandro Paluzzi received a notification suggesting an upcoming change to the limit. 

The rumored changes have sparked debates among users, with opinions divided on whether this is the right strategy to tackle spam. Concerns were raised regarding Twitter's existing issues, such as trouble with GIFs and account suspensions without apparent reasons. 

In recent months, Twitter has introduced various changes, including encrypted messaging and the removal of old conversations. However, cybersecurity expert Jake Moore from ESET believes that too many alterations might alienate loyal Twitter users. He cautioned that other platforms like Meta, Snap, and TikTok are already dominating the market and waiting for an opportunity to lure users away. 

Elon Musk's decision to limit messaging capabilities for non-paying Twitter users is aimed at combating spam bots, but it has sparked debates among users. While some praise the effort to address the issue, concerns have been raised about potential barriers between paying and non-paying users. Critics argue that this move may conflict with Twitter's vision as an open digital space. With competitors already offering encrypted messaging and additional functionalities, Twitter must strike a delicate balance between implementing necessary changes and retaining its loyal user base.

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Simple Ways to Preserve Your Past Tweets on Twitter

  1. Export Your Account Data: To begin, you can easily download your Twitter account data by following these steps:
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