Erik ten Hag reaches 100 games as Manchester United manager

Erik ten Hag reaches 100 games as Manchester United manager
Published 1 months ago on Mar 04, 2024

How Does He Compare to Man Utd's Post-Ferguson Bosses?

Erik ten Hag reached a milestone 100 games as Manchester United manager on Sunday,

Erik ten Hag reaches 100 games at Manchester United, but how does he stack up against the club's other post-Ferguson managers? We delve into win rates, trophies, and the challenges each faced. 

Erik ten Hag reached a milestone 100 games as Manchester United manager on Sunday, albeit in a disappointing 3-1 loss to Manchester City. While his tenure has seen its share of ups and downs, it begs the question: how does Ten Hag compare to his predecessors in the often-turbulent post-Sir Alex Ferguson era?

A Statistical Snapshot:

  • Erik ten Hag (100 games, 60 wins): Ten Hag boasts the highest win rate (60%) of any Manchester United manager since Sir Alex Ferguson, but his time has also been marked by inconsistency.
  • Jose Mourinho (144 games, 84 wins): The "Special One" delivered three trophies (Europa League, League Cup, Community Shield) during his tenure, with a win rate of 58.3%. However, his reign was also characterized by controversy and a public falling out with key players.
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (168 games, 91 wins): The club's longest-serving post-Ferguson manager, Solskjaer secured back-to-back top-four finishes but ultimately left without silverware. His win rate stood at 54.2%.
  • David Moyes (51 games, 27 wins): Inheriting the seemingly impossible task of succeeding Ferguson, Moyes' reign was short-lived (10 months) and yielded a win rate of just 52.9%.
  • Louis van Gaal (103 games, 54 wins): While van Gaal won the FA Cup in 2016, his pragmatic style of play and volatile press conferences often overshadowed his accomplishments. His win rate was 52.4%.

Beyond the Numbers:

While win rates and trophies are important metrics, a complete picture requires considering the context each manager faced.

  • Ferguson's Legacy: Following the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson was always an unenviable task, with the shadow of his success looming large over subsequent managers.
  • Squad Inhertiance: Each manager inherited a squad at a different stage of its development, requiring varying degrees of rebuilding and investment.
  • Transfer Market: The financial landscape of the Premier League has changed significantly since Ferguson's reign, impacting managers' ability to compete in the transfer market.

Ten Hag's Future:

Despite the promising win rate, Ten Hag still faces significant challenges. The recent defeat to City highlights the work needed to compete with the league's elite. Additionally, the arrival of potential new ownership under Sir Jim Ratcliffe adds another layer of uncertainty to his long-term future.


Ten Hag's 100th game marks a significant milestone, but it's still early to definitively compare him to his predecessors. He has shown glimpses of promise, but consistency and addressing the club's deeper issues will be crucial in determining his ultimate success at Manchester United.


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