Hockey Star Sanni Hakala Paralyzed After In-Game Collision

Hockey Star Sanni Hakala Paralyzed After In-Game Collision
Published 5 months ago on Dec 01, 2023

In a devastating turn of events, Sanni Hakala, the two-time Olympic medalist and captain of HV71, finds herself paralyzed from the chest down with reduced function in her arms and hands after a harrowing in-game collision last Friday in Sweden. The 26-year-old forward suffered a neck injury when she crashed head-first into the goalpost during the first period of a Swedish Women’s Hockey League game against Djurgårdens.

Hakala's injuries forced officials to postpone the game, and she was immediately stretchered off the ice. Following the incident, she was first taken to a nearby hospital and later transported to the University Hospital in Linköping, where she underwent surgery.

Expressing the gravity of her situation on Instagram, Hakala wrote, “It is still hard to understand what has happened, that the crash into the goal post was as serious as it was, that the consequences have become so big.” She continued, “Not only that I am forced to stop playing hockey, something that has been a big part of my life for many years, but that I may be forced to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life."

The 26-year-old athlete has been a prominent figure in Finnish hockey, making her international debut with the country’s Under-18 team in 2013. Hakala's remarkable career includes two Bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018 and Beijing in 2022. Additionally, she secured a silver medal at the world championships in 2019 and bronze medals in 2017 and 2021.

Now facing a life-altering situation, Hakala acknowledged the challenges ahead, saying, “I understand that I am now facing a long and hard fight with my body and the toughest game of my life.”

Hakala had recently signed a contract extension in April, committing to her eighth season with HV71. The club released a statement, noting that Hakala faces a "long period of rehabilitation" following her surgery.

Addressing her recovery journey, Hakala added, “Now I need to focus all my energy on the rehabilitation so that I can recover as well as possible. Therefore, me and HV71 will not leave further comments regarding my injury or situation, and I ask you all to show consideration and respect for me and my family."

Despite the grim circumstances, Hakala expressed resilience and determination, saying, “This situation obviously sucks, but I’m not scared to take it on. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but I know it will be f-king awesome.”

The hockey community and fans around the world rally behind Sanni Hakala as she embarks on a challenging path of recovery and rehabilitation.

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