Gen Z Warned of Future Consequences: Working from Home Stunts Career Growth and Relationships

Gen Z Warned of Future Consequences: Working from Home Stunts Career Growth and Relationships
Published 6 months ago on Jun 13, 2023

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council Summit, Galloway emphasized the potential negative impacts of working from home on professional success and romantic relationships. His remarks have sparked a debate about the importance of physical presence in the workplace and the value of in-person connections for career advancement. 

Professional Success and Feedback Disparity: 

Galloway's statement is supported by evidence that suggests individuals who work outside of their homes have higher rates of success. A recent study conducted by economists from Harvard, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the University of Iowa revealed that remote employees receive less feedback on their work compared to their in-office counterparts. Analyzing the virtual communications of software engineers from a Fortune 500 tech company, the economists found that engineers who worked in physical offices received 23% more feedback on their code, both in person and online. 

Work-Life Balance and Remote Options: 
The decision to work from home or in an office often lies within the control of many Americans. McKinsey's research from last June indicates that 58% of Americans reported having the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week, while 35% have the option to work remotely five days a week. The pandemic temporarily narrowed the feedback gap between remote and in-office workers, particularly for men, but Galloway emphasizes the long-term benefits of physical presence in the workplace. 

Pacing Success and Establishing Relationships: 
Galloway encourages young individuals to recognize that achieving major milestones and success may require patience and prioritization. While acknowledging the few individuals who seem to have it all, Galloway advises young people to focus on their long-term goals and accept that true success often requires decades of hard work. He emphasizes that relationships formed in person play a crucial role in career advancement. Galloway asserts that career trajectories are heavily influenced by personal connections, stating that decision-makers tend to favor individuals with whom they have established strong relationships. 

The Impact of Social Distancing on Relationships: 
In a previous discussion with CNN, Galloway highlighted the hindrances of social distancing on career growth. He emphasized the importance of in-person relationships, especially for ambitious young professionals. Galloway urged young people to enter the office environment to establish mentors, friends, and partnerships, as a significant portion of relationships, including romantic ones, begin at work. He believes that removing this platform for relationship building could have negative consequences for career development. 

Scott Galloway's remarks have ignited a discussion about the potential pitfalls of working from home for Gen Z. While remote work offers flexibility and convenience, Galloway argues that physical presence in the workplace fosters professional success and enables the formation of valuable relationships. As young individuals navigate their careers, finding a balance between work and personal life becomes crucial, and establishing strong in-person connections can significantly impact their trajectory. Ultimately, the debate over the future of work continues, with each generation weighing the advantages and drawbacks of remote versus in-office work environments.


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