Houston Rockets’ Kevin Porter Jr. Released on Bail

Houston Rockets’ Kevin Porter Jr. Released on Bail
Published 10 months ago on Sep 12, 2023

The incident resulted in Gondrezick suffering a fractured vertebra in her neck, according to prosecutors. 

Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. was released on $75,000 bail Tuesday following his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Porter, 23, stands accused of repeatedly punching his 26-year-old girlfriend and choking her until she had difficulty breathing, leaving her with visible injuries. The alleged assault was said to have taken place at the Millennium Hilton New York Hotel in Midtown in the early hours of Monday. 

Gondrezick, a former WNBA player, managed to escape the room and was discovered by hotel staff in a bloodied and bruised state in the hallway. Police arrested Porter around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, charging him with assault and strangulation after responding to a 911 call regarding the incident. 

Kevin Porter departs the courthouse on Tuesday.

The criminal complaint reveals that Gondrezick reported Porter hitting her multiple times with a closed fist, resulting in a substantial gash above her right eye. He then allegedly squeezed her neck forcefully, leading to breathing difficulties, redness, bruising, and substantial pain. 

Medical examinations at NYU Langone Medical Center later confirmed Gondrezick's fractured vertebra in her neck. Prosecutors had initially requested bail to be set at $100,000, citing previous alleged abuse incidents involving Porter and his access to firearms. 

Porter, 23, is accused of repeatedly punching his 26-year-old girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, in the face and choking her in their Big Apple hotel room, cops said.

Porter, who holds a $63.4 million contract with the Rockets since 2022, had bail set at $75,000 by Judge Michael Ryan. A full temporary restraining order was also issued against him. Porter is scheduled to return to court on October 16. 

The NBA spokesperson stated, "We are aware of the reports regarding Kevin Porter Jr. The league office is in contact with the Houston Rockets and in the process of gathering more information." 

In response to the charges, Gondrezick's sister took to her Instagram Stories, warning Porter that he should "count [his] days" and threatening consequences for his alleged actions. 

Porter has a history of outbursts and was previously transferred from Cleveland to Houston in January 2021 due to behavioral issues, including a heated confrontation and disruptive behavior in the locker room. He has also faced charges of improperly handling a firearm in a vehicle in Cleveland, although the case was later dropped. 

In January 2022, Porter was involved in an altercation with then-Houston assistant coach John Lucas, where he reportedly threw an object during a halftime exchange. 

Houston Rockets 2024

Houston Rockets: Rebuilding on the Rise in 2024

The Houston Rockets are in the midst of a rebuild, but with a young core showing promise and a competitive record, the future is starting to look bright in Space City. After several seasons at the bottom of the standings, the Rockets are exceeding expectations in the 2023-24 NBA season.

A New Coach, A New Direction

Following a tumultuous 2022-23 season, the Rockets opted for a change at head coach. They brought in Ime Udoka, a defensive mastermind with championship experience as an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics. Udoka's impact has been undeniable. The Rockets currently boast a top-10 defense in the league, a significant improvement from previous years.

Young Guns Leading the Charge

The future of the franchise rests on the shoulders of their talented young players. Jabari Smith Jr., the 2023 number one overall pick, has lived up to the hype. The versatile forward is averaging over 18 points per game and showcasing a well-rounded skillset. Alongside him, Amen Thompson, the fourth pick in the draft, has impressed with his playmaking ability and scoring prowess.

Veterans like Eric Gordon and Alperen Sengun provide leadership and stability for the young core. Gordon, a proven scorer, is a valuable mentor for the backcourt, while Sengun's energy and hustle have become a fan favorite.

Playoff Push or Development Focus?

The Rockets currently sit at .500, within striking distance of the playoffs in the wide-open Western Conference. While a playoff berth would be a significant accomplishment for a rebuilding team, the focus remains on player development. Coach Udoka has implemented a system that emphasizes player growth alongside winning basketball.

Hope for the Future

The Rockets' future hinges on the continued development of their young core. Smith Jr. and Thompson have the potential to be franchise cornerstones, and the supporting cast shows promise. With a strong coaching staff and a fan base hungry for success, the Rockets are building a foundation for sustained success in the coming years.

Challenges Remain

Despite the positive trajectory, challenges remain. The Rockets lack a true superstar who can consistently take over games. Their offense can be inconsistent at times, and they struggle against elite competition.

Overall Outlook



The 2023-24 season has been a significant step forward for the Houston Rockets. With a talented young core, a strong coaching staff, and a competitive record, the future is bright in Houston. The playoffs might be a reach this season, but fans can be optimistic about the direction of the franchise. The rebuild is well underway, and the Rockets are on the rise.


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