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I told women to dump their boyfriends if they don’t buy them a Valentine’s Day gift – and it’s divided opinion

I told women to dump their boyfriends if they don’t buy them a Valentine’s Day gift – and it’s divided opinion
Published 1 years ago on Feb 19, 2023

TikToker Flavia passionately establishes expectations for what a significant other should be doing on this romantic holiday, and they should be broken up with if they don't deliver.

The self-accredited relationship expert laid out instructions for women on Valentine's Day. 

In her video, she talked about what a man should be doing for you. 

Flavia (@fleeksie) filmed herself in festive makeup and a hot pink flood light, honoring holiday colors. 

"Men know how important Valentine's Day is to women," she started. 

"So, if he doesn't get you a gift, that's him communicating with energy that he's a bad boyfriend." 

Flavia spoke confidently, ensuring her female followers understood correctly. 

She said: "And as a bad boyfriend, he's trying to tell you that you should dump him." 

"Some guys are chick s**t, and they won't actually tell you outright."

Viewers had mixed opinions on Flavia's philosophy.

"Why does everyone misunderstand the concept of gift giving?? The gift doesn’t have to be a diamond Rolex. It could be flowers or chocolates," one woman wrote.

Another viewer agreed: "Imagine placing the value of your relationship on materialistic expectations."

An experienced woman added: "But I told him not to get me a gift... everyone’s love language is different."

Yet, other people thought Flavia's gift-giving ideas measured effort accurately.

"Y’all, my husband is all the way in Korea and still got me flowers, cake pops, and new furniture. If he wanted, he would boo," one wife conveyed.

"It’s fine there are many guys who buy me gifts every Valentine's Day anyway," one person commented.

An honest follower wrote: "Not only did mine refuse to get me anything, but he's also having a boys weekend at his friends."


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