Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Marriage Faces Uncertainty

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Marriage Faces Uncertainty
Published 8 months ago on Sep 03, 2023

According to TMZ's sources, the couple has been grappling with "serious problems" for a duration of approximately six months. Notably, during the past three months, Joe has taken on the primary caretaker role for their two young children, even as he continued to tour with his band across the United States. As of now, Joe has sole custody of their children while the group embarks on their U.S. tour. 

The end? Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner appear to be on their way to divorcing. The 34-year-old Jonas Brothers singer has reportedly been meeting with divorce lawyers, sources close to the situation told TMZ; seen together in March of this year in Beverly Hills

While there have been no overt indications of trouble on the surface, a significant development that has garnered attention is Joe Jonas's decision to stop wearing his wedding ring in recent weeks. Additionally, the couple recently sold their Miami mansion, which they had purchased just a year prior, reportedly making a profitable transaction. 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's love story began in 2016 when they first linked up, leading to their engagement a year later. In 2019, the couple tied the knot in a Vegas-style ceremony and have since embraced family life. Their first child arrived in 2020, followed by the birth of their second child in 2022, marking a whirlwind four years of significant life events for the couple. 

Taking the lead: Sources said Joe is close to filing for divorce. He has reportedly been primarily caring for their two young daughters over the past three months; seen in May 2022 in NYC

Professionally, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have both kept busy, although Joe has been particularly active. He recently embarked on a tour with his brothers and has a busy performance schedule through the winter. Sophie, known for her role in "Game of Thrones," has engaged in various TV and movie projects in recent years, although her career activity has not matched its peak during her "GoT" days. 

Both Joe and Sophie are still in their twenties, with Joe at 34 and Sophie at 27, leaving ample room for their personal and professional journeys to evolve. 

TMZ reached out to representatives for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner for comment but has not received a response at the time of this report.

Parenting duties: Sources claimed Joe has cared for their two daughters — Willa, three, and a one-year-old daughter whose name hasn't been revealed — for the past three months, even while on tour with the Jonas Brothers. It's unclear if Sophie has been working on a film or TV project during that time; seen in March in NYC

How Old Was Sophie Turner When She Dated Joe Jonas?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas first met in 2016 and started dating in 2017. Turner was 21 years old at the time, and Jonas was 27 years old. They got engaged in 2017 and married in 2019.

The couple has been open about their age difference, but they say it has never been an issue for them. "I think once you've found the right person, you just know," Turner said. "Age is just a number."

Jonas has also spoken about how Turner helped him to grow as a person. "She's helped me become a better man," he said. "She's helped me become more patient and more understanding."

The couple is now happily married and has two children together.


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