Joe Jonas Overheard Sophie Turner's Candid Ring Camera Conversation: Behind Their Shocking Split

Joe Jonas Overheard Sophie Turner's Candid Ring Camera Conversation: Behind Their Shocking Split
Published 3 months ago on Sep 29, 2023

According to an insider's revelations to US Weekly, the incident wasn't more than a casual conversation, but it proved to be the tipping point for their relationship. 

Details of what the "Game of Thrones" star actually said during the recorded conversation remain undisclosed. Still, it had a profound impact on Jonas, prompting him to initiate divorce proceedings in early September, marking the end of their four-year marriage. 

Joe Jonas reportedly caught Sophie Turner saying malicious things about him on their Ring camera.Instagram/sophiet

Page Six reached out to representatives for both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner but had yet to receive any responses at the time of this report. 

On September 3, Page Six confirmed the couple's impending divorce, with a source revealing, "Joe is exploring the best options for his future." 

TMZ had previously reported ongoing issues in their relationship, and Jonas had been primarily responsible for caring for their two daughters, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1. 

“It wasn’t anything more than that. But that was the final straw,” a source told US Weekly on Wednesday.Instagram/sophiet

In an attempt to counter the swirling rumors, Jonas posted an Instagram photo prominently displaying his wedding ring. However, his decision to file for divorce on September 5 took Turner by surprise. 

Allegedly, Turner learned about Jonas' decision through the media and pointed to an argument that occurred on his 34th birthday on August 15 as the breaking point. 

Amid accusations that Turner prioritized partying over family life, she filed a lawsuit against Jonas, alleging "wrongful retention" of their daughters and claiming he was withholding their passports to prevent them from leaving the United States. 

Court documents obtained by Page Six revealed the couple had decided to relocate their family to the UK in the winter of 2022. They had even chosen a new home and put their Miami property up for sale. 

While it’s unclear what the “Game of Thrones” actress said, it was enough for Jonas to file for divorce.

However, Jonas vehemently denied any malicious intent in keeping the children away from Turner, stating, "This is an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending." 

Jonas' representative also addressed the use of terms like "abduction," deeming it misleading and potentially an abuse of the legal system. 

As of now, Jonas and Turner have reached an agreement to allow their children to remain in New York while they navigate the complexities of their divorce. Interestingly, Taylor Swift, Jonas's former girlfriend, has reportedly extended her support by allowing Turner and her daughters to stay in her New York City apartment during this challenging period, as revealed by a source close to the situation.

The duo has been hashing out the specifics of their split, including the custody agreement of their daughters, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1.

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