Kim Kardashian's Salma Hayek Halloween Wows

Kim Kardashian's Salma Hayek Halloween Wows
Published 7 months ago on Nov 02, 2023

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion and style. In her most daring costume yet, the 43-year-old reality star paid homage to the iconic Salma Hayek, recreating a scene from the 1996 cult classic "From Dusk Till Dawn." Kim's sensational look sent shockwaves through social media, capturing the essence of the iconic movie moment.

Wow factor: Kim Kardashian paid tribute to Salma Hayek in her most daring costume yet

In a video shared on her Instagram, Kim Kardashian donned an incredibly sexy bikini, channeling Salma Hayek's unforgettable character. But Kim didn't stop at the bikini; she upped the ante by posing with a massive green anaconda draped across her shoulders. This bold choice showcased Kim's fearless approach to fashion and her dedication to getting every detail right.

The burgundy velvet bikini Kim wore featured exquisite gold metal details, including a large pendant dangling down the middle of the top. Her look reached its crescendo with an elaborate feathered headpiece, reminiscent of Salma Hayek's from the iconic movie scene.

Kim didn't miss a beat with her hair and makeup. Her raven-colored tresses were styled in loose, cascading waves, and her bold makeup, featuring dark red lips, emphasized her striking features.

Notably, Kim Kardashian's costume caught the attention of none other than Salma Hayek herself. The Hollywood legend reposted Kim's video on her Instagram Story, expressing her honor and reminiscing about the wild memories the iconic scene brought back. Salma playfully acknowledged Kim, stating, "Kim wore it best."

Slithering: As if wearing the tiny ensemble already wasn't a risk enough, the mother-of-four upped the danger aspect as she posed with a massive green anaconda draped across her shoulders

The recreated scene pays homage to one of the sultriest moments in cinema history, where Salma Hayek dances sensually with a snake wrapped around her in a bar. The unforgettable scene culminates with a daring move where Salma stands on a table, dipping her toes into director Quentin Tarantino's mouth while pouring liquor down her leg for him to drink.

Kim Kardashian's daring Halloween costume is just the latest addition to her impressive collection of extravagant disguises. Over the years, she has transformed into beloved characters such as Mystique from X-Men, Wonder Woman, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Kim was not alone in her Halloween endeavors this year. She joined her sister Khloe Kardashian and friends Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro to channel the iconic Bratz dolls. The fabulous foursome donned plaid mini skirts, matching tops, and accessories that perfectly captured the spirit of the popular toys.

In a playful twist, Khloe shared a hilarious video of her and Kim removing their prosthetic lips, part of their Bratz-inspired costumes. Khloe jokingly asked if there was anything wrong with her mouth, and the relief on her face after finally removing the prosthetics was palpable.

Kim made sure no detail was overlooked as she sported the tiny burgundy velvet bikini which featured gold metal detailings including a large dangling pendant down the middle of the top

It's evident that Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of the Kardashian sisters. Their creativity and commitment to their costumes have delighted fans year after year. With their contagious enthusiasm, they continue to make Halloween a must-watch event in the world of celebrity fashion.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's Bratz-inspired costume aligns perfectly with her recent partnership with MGA Entertainment, which introduced the Bratz x Kylie Fashion Dolls collection. The collaboration marks a contemporary twist on a beloved brand that has always championed confidence, individuality, and bold style. Kim's love for the Bratz dolls shines through as she plays a pivotal role in expanding this iconic toy universe.

In the words of Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment, "Now, the Kylie Jenner and Bratz collab introduces a contemporary style icon who grew up on the dolls into the Bratz Pack and explores what it means to be a modern Bratz girl." The fashion dolls and collectibles are a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bratz brand, and Kim Kardashian's involvement adds a fresh and modern twist to the beloved dolls.

Iconic: In iconic sultry scene from the 1996 film, Salma dances around with a snake wrapped around her in a bar

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