Images reveal the designs for all four iPhone 15 models

Images reveal the designs for all four iPhone 15 models
Published 12 months ago on May 29, 2023

A video from MacRumors showcases "very accurate" dummy units of all four iPhone 15 models, including the standard version and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. These dummy units offer a close representation of the final design.

The leaked units confirm some previously speculated features, such as the presence of a USB-C charging port instead of the traditional Lightning port. This change is a result of European Union legislation implemented in 2022 to reduce electronic waste.

All four iPhone 15 models feature a "frosted back glass" design, curved edges, and the inclusion of Dynamic Island—a pill-shaped notch at the top of the screen. These design elements enhance the overall aesthetics of the devices.

MacRumors shared the video on YouTube, presented by content creator Dan Barbera. Dummy units are often sent to third-party case manufacturers ahead of a device's release. While they closely resemble the actual product, they lack the internal components to function.

Nevertheless, MacRumors claims that these dummy units offer early impressions of the iPhone 15 lineup's appearance and feel when it officially launches in September.

Barbera commented, "The dummy units are very accurate and show us a glimpse of what case manufacturers are using and expecting when it comes to the new iPhones." He further noted that while the iPhone 15 models may not appear vastly different from the previous iPhone 14 models at first glance, closer inspection reveals noticeable improvements.

One significant change is the replacement of the Lightning charging port with a USB-C port. Apple's decision to adopt USB-C aligns with prior rumors and the company's commitment to reducing electronic waste. Barbera confirmed the switch by testing a USB-C charger, stating that it fit perfectly and would allow users to conveniently use a single cable for multiple devices.

The iPhone 15's edges have been significantly curved compared to the iPhone 14 models, offering a more comfortable grip. Additionally, the use of titanium instead of stainless steel provides a "dull, brushed" look to the edges, while the back of the device features a matte glass finish.

Barbera also highlighted the transformation of the switch control on the iPhone 15 models. Instead of a toggle switch, it now functions as a press-down button. This change enhances the device's user experience and modernizes its design.

Dynamic Island, a feature introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, will be present across all iPhone 15 models. This pill-shaped notch at the top of the screen serves to hide the front-facing camera and dynamically adjusts its size to display important alerts, notifications, and activities. It blurs the line between hardware and software, creating a seamless user interface.

Contrary to previous rumors, the iPhone 15 is not expected to incorporate a single button for volume control. Barbera suggests that such a change may be introduced with the iPhone 16 in 2024 instead.

Left, a USB-C charger (already used by Android phones) and right, Apple's Lightning charger. The new iPhone will have USB-C, leaks and dummy units have shown

This recent video leak from MacRumors follows other leaks, including one from Unbox Therapy, which showcased a dummy unit of the high-end iPhone 15 model. The leaked units further support previous speculation regarding the design and features of Apple's next-generation smartphone.

As fans eagerly await the release of the iPhone 15, they can anticipate an impressive device with enhanced aesthetics, improved functionality, and Apple's signature attention to detail.


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