Leonardo DiCaprio and Model Vittoria Ceretti Beat seen

Leonardo DiCaprio and Model Vittoria Ceretti Beat seen
Published 10 months ago on Aug 24, 2023

The 48-year-old "Revenant" actor and the 25-year-old Italian beauty were seen relishing a sweet treat in Santa Barbara, California, on a warm Tuesday.

The model enjoyed an ice cream cone while the actor got an iced coffee.

The duo seemed to be in high spirits as they sought relief from the summer heat by indulging in ice cream and iced coffee during their outing.

DiCaprio, renowned for his desire for privacy, was spotted wearing a camouflage baseball hat, black sunglasses, and a blue face mask — his attempt to remain incognito. Contrasting his typical all-black attire, he opted for a white T-shirt and brown cargo shorts. Completing the look were his gray and red sneakers.

The pair matched in white tops.

On the other hand, Ceretti sported black athletic shorts and a form-fitting black T-shirt, complemented by a white long-sleeve crew-neck top.

Ceretti's loose waves adorned her down hair, and she added a pop of color to her ensemble with a blue purse and pale green running shoes.

As they exited the ice cream parlor, it was evident that DiCaprio and Ceretti were deeply engrossed in conversation, thoroughly enjoying each other's company while savoring their icy treats. While Ceretti opted for a cone, DiCaprio was seen carrying an iced latte, presumably for the road.

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted out and about with model Vittoria Ceretti.

Stepping out of the shop, the pair was accompanied by others, though it remains uncertain if they were friends or bystanders.

Following their stop for refreshments, DiCaprio and Ceretti made their way to a black vehicle in the parking lot. The actor, walking a few steps ahead of Ceretti, disposed of some napkins before heading to the car.

Representatives for both DiCaprio and Ceretti have yet to respond to Page Six's request for comment.

While maintaining his jet-setting lifestyle, DiCaprio has certainly made the most of his summer. His escapades have included lounging on luxurious yachts surrounded by bikini-clad models and attending the star-studded 80th birthday celebration of Mick Jagger.

Amid his dynamic social life, it was reported last month by Page Six that DiCaprio is still romantically linked with model Gigi Hadid. This speculation first arose almost a year ago. Observers witnessed DiCaprio and Hadid partying on two consecutive nights in the Hamptons, leading to assumptions of their relationship status.

The twosome were photographed together in Santa Barbara on Tuesday.

Although they were not alone, sources noted a palpable chemistry between the two. An insider shared, "The way they were talking to each other… You could feel the energy."

The rumored romance between Hadid and DiCaprio initially gained traction during New York City's Fashion Week in September 2022. While their connection appeared to fade by the year's end, recent sightings suggest otherwise.

As for Ceretti, she is wedded to DJ Matteo Milleri, also known as Anyma. Their marriage was sealed in 2020, making her relationship with DiCaprio a friendly one during this cooling escapade from the LA heat.

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