Lounge Teases Risky Zipper Top in Provocative Video, Leaving Fans Excited for New Launch

 Lounge Teases Risky Zipper Top in Provocative Video, Leaving Fans Excited for New Launch
Published 1 years ago on May 31, 2023

However, it was not just the new product that caught fans' attention. In a cheeky promotional video, a brunette model unzipped the beige garment, revealing a risky detail that left little to the imagination. The brand's followers eagerly anticipated the launch, with some mistaking the video for something more explicit. The provocative post generated excitement and anticipation among fans.

The model didn't have much to layer with... (Image: Instagram/loungeunderwear)

Risky Unveiling: Lounge shared a video clip that quickly garnered thousands of views. The focus was mainly on the model's chest, as her face was mostly cropped out of view. As the model unzipped the beige top, the outline of her nipples became visible, while her cleavage poured out. This daring detail added an element of intrigue to the upcoming product.

Fans' Reactions: Lounge's post generated a frenzy among fans, who eagerly expressed their excitement in the comments section. Some users mistook the video for a more explicit content, while others admired the provocative nature of the promotional material. Many users eagerly awaited the release of the new product, expressing their desire to own it. The enticing attire received praise and comparisons, with one fan likening it to a "hot mama Range Rover."

Very risky! (Image: Instagram/loungeunderwear)

Social Media Buzz: The provocative video showcasing Lounge's zipper top gained significant attention on social media. The teaser successfully captivated followers and generated buzz surrounding the brand's upcoming launch. The combination of risqué content and fans' enthusiastic responses helped create a viral moment for Lounge.

Stunning! (Image: Instagram/loungeunderwear)

Conclusion: Lounge's teaser for their long sleeve zipper top garnered widespread attention on social media. The provocative video featuring a model unzipping the garment left fans excited and eagerly anticipating the product launch. The daring detail and enthusiastic responses from followers added to the anticipation surrounding the new item. Lounge successfully created a buzz around their brand and upcoming release through a captivating and provocative promotional approach.


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