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Love Island's Tom Clare seen with three women in Ibıza

Love Island's Tom Clare seen with three women in Ibıza
Published 1 years ago on May 19, 2023

 The 23-year-old reality TV personality was seen sucking the toes of a brunette beauty while his co-star Casey O'Gorman enjoyed the company of their fellow passengers. The duo, who gained fame on the show earlier this year, appeared to be far from concerned about their exes as they tried to impress their boatmates.

Love Island's Tom Clare seen with three women in Ibıza 

Tom, who recently ended his relationship with Samie Elishi, hinted at a possible reconciliation with his ex, expressing his love and respect for her. However, his toe-sucking escapade on the yacht may have put a damper on any chances of getting back together. The shirtless footballer playfully entertained the silver bikini-clad beauty by sucking her toes, capturing the moment on film with the help of his friend Casey.

Later, Tom was seen laughing and chatting with a group of girls at the back of the boat, while Casey couldn't hide his smile as he cozied up between two other girls for a photo. The group enjoyed the sunny weather, sipping on beers and relaxing on the yacht.


Interestingly, while Tom and Casey were enjoying their time in Ibiza, their ex-girlfriends Samie and Claudia had a fun girls' night out in London. The reality stars looked stunning in their fashionable outfits, showcasing their enviable figures during a lavish meal at M steak house.

In a recent interview, Tom revealed that he and Samie decided to end their intense and pressurized relationship on amicable terms. Despite their split, Tom expressed his affection and respect for Samie, emphasizing that there was no animosity between them. He even stated that he had no interest in dating anyone else and would decline an opportunity to appear on Celebs Go Dating.

As Tom focuses on himself and his future endeavors, including stepping back from his football career, he plans to relocate to London. The decision was not an easy one for him, as football has been a significant part of his life, but he is excited about the new opportunities that await him in the city.


In summary, Tom Clare, known for his appearance on Love Island, caused a stir with his toe-sucking antics during a boat trip in Ibiza. Despite hinting at a possible reconciliation with his ex, his actions might have dashed any hopes of rekindling their relationship. Tom and his co-star Casey enjoyed their time on the yacht, while their former girlfriends had a glamorous night out in London. As Tom embarks on a new chapter, he plans to relocate to London and explore fresh opportunities.


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