Mastering WhatsApp Message Status: What Ticks Really Mean

Mastering WhatsApp Message Status: What Ticks Really Mean
Published 11 months ago on May 24, 2023

The stress of being left on 'read' can be almost unbearable, but fear not! WhatsApp actually provides valuable updates on the status of your messages from the moment you send them until they are read. Ease your message anxiety with this informative guide to WhatsApp ticks and their true meanings.

Understanding the Single Grey Tick We all know that two blue ticks signify a read and received message, but what about a single grey tick? When you see one grey tick, it means your message has successfully sent from your phone but hasn't been delivered to the recipient yet. If you've been stuck on a single grey tick for a while, it could indicate that the recipient's phone is powered off, lacking a data connection, or that they have logged off or deleted WhatsApp.

Detecting If You've Been Blocked While WhatsApp doesn't notify you directly if you've been blocked, there are telltale signs to watch for:

Although the last point is a strong indicator, it's essential not to jump to conclusions!

Understanding Two Grey Ticks Two grey ticks actually signify that you're not blocked! It means your message has been sent and delivered to the recipient's WhatsApp client. However, it hasn't been read yet. If you were blocked, you would only see a single grey tick.

Blocking Someone on WhatsApp If you need to block someone on WhatsApp, the process is straightforward. Open a chat with the person, go to settings (three dots in the corner of your screen), then tap 'More,' and finally select 'Block.'

By comprehending the meaning behind WhatsApp ticks, you can navigate the messaging app with confidence and reduce any unnecessary worries. Stay informed and connected while using WhatsApp effectively.

Stuck Messages: Any messages you send will remain at the single grey tick stage and won't show up as delivered.

Blocked Calls: If your calls to the contact via WhatsApp are blocked, this is another hint that you might have been blocked.

Last Seen and Online Status: Inability to view a contact's last seen or online status might indicate a block. However, keep in mind that it could also be due to changes in their privacy settings.

Profile Photo: If your contact's profile photo remains unchanged or doesn't update, it could indicate that you've been blocked. Typically, you can see up-to-date profile pictures even for non-contacts.


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