Meet Rose Montoya, the Influential Trans Activist Who Made Headlines for Going Topless at the White House

Meet Rose Montoya, the Influential Trans Activist Who Made Headlines for Going Topless at the White House
Published 6 months ago on Jun 13, 2023

The incident, shared with her Instagram followers, garnered attention and ignited discussions around body autonomy and transgender rights. Let's explore the background and journey of Rose Montoya, as well as her impact as an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community.

Rose Montoya met with President Biden at a South Lawn Pride event on Saturday.Rose Montoya/Instagram

Growing up in a small farm town in Idaho, Rose Montoya, now 27 years old, had a conservative upbringing as the daughter of a pastor, according to information on her website. It was during her college years that Montoya began performing in drag and subsequently came out as transgender in 2015. She legally changed her name to Rosalynne and started gender-affirming hormone therapy. While her given name remains undisclosed, her journey toward self-discovery and acceptance has been an important aspect of her advocacy.

Montoya's journey of self-identification continued, as she came out as bisexual a year later and later declared herself non-binary in 2019. Throughout her journey, Montoya has actively used her platform to educate and raise awareness about transgender rights and experiences, particularly in the face of anti-trans legislation introduced by Republican-led state legislatures across the United States.

“Going topless in DC is legal, and I fully support the movement to free the nipples,” Montoya declared.Rose Montoya/ Instagram

In recognition of her online educational content and advocacy work, Montoya was named one of "18 LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World" by Out Magazine in 2021. Her influence extends beyond her online presence, as she has also delivered speeches at prestigious institutions such as Yale University and Stanford University, sharing her experiences and promoting understanding and acceptance.

In addition to her activism, Montoya has made notable contributions to the modeling industry. She has been featured in campaigns for brands such as TomboyX, Savage X Fenty, and Yandy, embracing her unique identity and challenging traditional beauty standards.

One of Montoya's viral moments occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic when she shared her experience of going through airport security. Despite identifying as a woman, she faced challenges when passing through the scanner due to the presence of an "anomaly" between her legs, which triggered alarms. This candid revelation sparked conversations about the need for more inclusive practices and understanding in various aspects of society.

Montoya currently resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to use her platform to advocate for transgender rights, body positivity, and inclusivity. She received a Queerties Awards nomination for "best TikToker" and has garnered a strong following on social media platforms.

Rose Montoya's bold actions at the White House, going topless during a Pride celebration, sparked conversations about body autonomy and transgender rights. Her personal journey of self-discovery and advocacy has made her a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community. Montoya's online presence, modeling campaigns, and public speaking engagements have all contributed to her influential status. As she continues to use her platform to educate and raise awareness, Rose Montoya stands as a powerful voice for transgender rights, inspiring others to embrace their identities and fight for equality and acceptance.


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