Alex delights her fans with a photo featuring herself

Alex delights her fans with a photo featuring herself
Published 1 years ago on Jun 08, 2023

With 7.5 million followers on Instagram, Alex delighted some of her fans with a photo featuring herself and Louisa Khovanski posing near Rome's most famous structure. However, the photo showed the pair topless, with suspender straps covering their breasts.

Captioned with "Multiverse is real," the image quickly gained over 580k likes within three days. While many comments praised Alex and her friend as "goddesses" and deemed them "sexy," the post also drew criticism from a number of people. One comment in Italian expressed the hope that they would be fined for indecent acts in a public place. Another questioned the purpose of their actions, asking why they would do such a thing. A third commenter stated that their attire was inappropriate for public settings.

In response to the first critical comment, Alex simply replied with a laughing emoji, seemingly unfazed by the outcry. This is not the first time Alex has taken explicit photos near the Colosseum. She previously posted a similar photoshoot with fellow OnlyFans model Eva Elfie in January, where both models wore translucent tops that left little to the imagination.

Alex has also faced backlash from fans in the past for posing with Eva Menta in front of Botticelli's famous painting of a naked Venus at the Uffizi Gallery art museum.

While Alex appears unbothered by potential legal consequences, it is worth noting that individuals have been arrested on charges of public indecency for similar acts near the historic Colosseum. In 2013, Jonathan Scholes was photographed performing a nude handstand in front of the ancient structure and subsequently faced trial for the offense, although he was likely to receive a fine rather than appearing in court.


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