Myria: Exclusive App for the World's Wealthiest Unveiled

Myria: Exclusive App for the World's Wealthiest Unveiled
Published 8 months ago on Aug 28, 2023

This elite platform, launched by Rey Flemings, renowned as a "premier fixer for the global elite," has emerged as the latest status symbol among the affluent.

Myria is a concierge and networking app beloved by some of the richest people in the world. The app is founded by "fixer for the global elite" Rey Flemings (inset). He's famously the go-to-guy if you want impossible-to-get-tickets to Beyoncé, the Super Bowl, "Saturday Night Live" and the Oscars, not to mention Met Gala red carpet access.Myria/ Rey Flemings

Designed to cater to the top 1% of society, Myria boasts an array of privileges, functioning as both a discreet concierge service and an exclusive social club. However, entry into this world comes at a hefty price – an annual membership fee of $30,000, a sum that far eclipses the contents of an average savings account.

Founder Rey Flemings granted a temporary preview of Myria to us, allowing a peek into the lives of the immensely wealthy. With a modest current membership of fewer than 100 individuals, Myria's exclusive circle includes a constellation of Silicon Valley magnates, renowned tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports icons, and even royals, though their identities remain undisclosed for reasons of privacy.

Rey Flemings, a fixer for the filthy rich, is the brainchild behind Myria, an exclusive app for some of the world’s richest people. There’s a 500-person waitlist to join the app, but he’s hoping to have 1,000 members on by the end of 2024.Rey Flemings/Myria

Myria's allure lies in its function as a digital "little black book," serving as a conduit between members and ultra-exclusive vendors that cater to the upper echelons of society. From securing off-market mansions to coordinating VIP experiences at elite restaurants and sports events, Myria acts as a conduit to experiences beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. This includes personalized communication channels for members to liaise directly with Myria's staff, ensuring a seamless experience.

Membership eligibility requires successful "net worth verification" and a vetting interview with the "nominations team," guaranteeing the community's exclusivity. Members, ranging from household-name CEOs to tech prodigies, utilize the app's "chat" and "community" tabs to connect with each other, share experiences, and organize social gatherings, events, and even private flights.

There’s also a “chat” tab allowing users to communicate directly with Myria staff if they’re in a pinch. A mockup example is pictured. “Even with all the money in the world, access to things is very, very hard,” Flemings told The Post. “Rich people want to be cool, and cool people want to be rich. We’re a platform to make that exchange happen.”Rey Flemings/Myria

For founder Rey Flemings, who himself rose from humble beginnings to become a pivotal figure in elite circles, Myria represents the culmination of years of cultivating a network of coveted contacts. His goal is to facilitate connections among the rich and influential, recognizing that even with vast wealth, accessing certain experiences can be challenging.

Flemings acknowledges that while material possessions lose significance with boundless wealth, experiences become paramount. Luxury is no longer a tangible item but an experience that transcends possessions. Myria aims to fulfill these desires by granting its members access to the world's most coveted experiences.

A “community” tab allows uber-elite users to connect and peruse one another’s profiles. A mockup example is pictured. “Once you can afford every single thing, the thing becomes deemphasized” Flemings explained. “People start to transition and start to find meaning not in things but in experience.”Rey Flemings/Myria

Despite its hefty price tag, Myria boasts a growing waitlist of aspirants eager to join the ranks of the ultra-wealthy. With competition heating up and the number of wealthy individuals on the rise, Myria's allure is set to intensify, marking the app as a distinctive emblem of status and exclusivity.

In a world where luxury transcends objects and becomes an experience, Myria stands as the digital gateway to a lifestyle only accessible to a fortunate few.


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